2020 Offseason: Miami Heat

The Miami Heat just had one of the best playoff runs in franchise history leading up to a 4-2 loss in the NBA Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers. After a tough loss the Heat are looking to make a game changing move to put them over the hump in the Eastern Conference once again. Here are 3 moves I believe the Heat should make in the offseason.

1. Re-Sign Goran Dragic and Jae Crowder

At this point it looks like Goran Dragic is a Heat lifer. Throughout his six seasons with the Heat he has been a constant through some of the darkest times for the franchise, he saw major changes happening right before his eyes but he stuck with the team. At one point Josh Richardson and Justise Winslow were expected to become the teams starting point guard of the future and not once did we hear Goran complain. When Goran got moved to the bench for an undrafted rookie he didn’t complain. He pushed through and had a great season averaging 16 PPG off the bench. Goran Dragic represents the Miami Heat culture. I fully expect the Heat to give the former All-Star a big one year deal worth anywhere between $15-$19 million. Jae Crowder might be a different story. There is a reason the 30 swingman has moved around the league so much and that’s because he is extremely valuable as a defender and now as a spot up shooter. Crowder averaged 12 PPG in the playoffs on 34.2% from the 3 and was a much needed shooter when Duncan Robinson was struggling. Crowder could command anywhere from $8-$15 million over multiple years in free agency. Miami needs to offer him $12 million for one year plus a possible team option for the second to keep Miami flexible for the 2021 free agency class.

2. Trade For Victor Oladipo

If the Heat could get guard Victor Oladipo from the Indiana Pacers it would be a game changer. Oladipo is a former All-NBA defender who could create his own shot on the offense end, two areas the Heat are currently lacking in. Before tearing his ACL Oladipo was averaging 23.1 PPG and was a 2x All-Star. Many fans have clearly forgotten the impact he could make on a team. The Heat likely wouldn’t have to give up much for Oladipo as a package around Kendrick Nunn, Kelly Olynyk, and the 20th pick in the draft could be enough with Oladipo wanting out of Indiana. It’s a great opportunity for the Heat to improve while still saving cap space for 2021.

3. Sign A Solid Center

A solid center next to Bam would’ve made a big difference in the NBA Finals this year. It’s become painfully clear that Bam is undersized compared to other centers at 6’10. The Heat need another rim protector who could space the floor allowing Bam to be able to switch on perimeter players on defense and still produce on offense. The Heat should take a look at guys like Aron Baynes and Serge Ibaka. Two guys who could produce and allow Bam to flourish like Meyers Leonard did at the beginning of the season. A potential starting five of Victor Oladipo/Tyler Herro/Jimmy Butler/Bam Adebayo/Serge Ibaka with Duncan Robinson, Jae Crowder, and Goran Dragic off the bench is a sure contender in a deep Eastern Conference.

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