2020 Offseason: New York Knicks

Written by Nicolas Papa

I’m going to be completely honest with you I don’t know if the Knicks could pull off anything to turn the franchise around in the near future so this is more of a dream scenario if anything. But here are 3 moves I would like to see the New York Knicks make in the offseason:

1. Trade Julius Randle

I truly believe that 25 year old Julius Randle could a great asset to a playoff team but he can’t be one for the New York Knicks. Randle averaged 19.5 PPG & 9.7 RPG over 64 games for the Knicks. Randle would be a great addition to a contending team looking for some extra firing power but his contract might just be too much of a burden to take on. The big man is slated to make $45 million dollars over the next two years which is a hefty price to pay for a guy who is sloppy on the court at times. If the Knicks could somehow find a way to get rid of him it would open up a lot more money to make some risky moves we’ve been hearing about in the rumor mills.

2. Draft LaMelo Ball

The Knicks currently have the 8th pick in the draft and have been linked to the youngest Ball brother for a long time now. Bad news for the Knicks is that LaMelo will likely go somewhere in the top 5. Good news is the Knicks have the assets to trade up which they should. At 6’7 LaMelo has potential to be a franchise player, his size coupled with his playmaking ability makes him a prospect worth taking a risk on. The 8th pick packaged with a guy like Kevin Knox might be enough to get the Knicks into the top 5 to possibly draft LaMelo.

3. Show commitment to winning

The Knicks have problems with showing that the true goal is to win. Not offering Kevin Durant the max, settling for role players over stars, and poor trade decisions come to mind. Team president Leon Rose needs to show that he’s dedicated to making the team better. Now I’m not saying that means they have to make the playoffs or anything like that but they do need to put together a team free agents would be attracted to.

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