How to fix the Yankees

Written by Jordan Dorfman (7/25/21)

Alright man, lets just get into this you all see the title. I felt like I had to do something after seeing Domingo German toss 7 stellar no hit innings and then our bullpen blowing 5 runs to the rival Red Sox immediately after. Arguably the toughest loss of the year. I started thinking this was going to be a problem when we lost to the Rays in the 2020 AL Division series. The Rays 2020 payroll was 28.3 million$. The Yankees payroll was 154 million+. Ok you can’t loose to a team when you have 100 million dollars more than them. There’s like rats running around the field in Tampa and the team plays in the dark half of the time lol. But, they beat the bright light big stage Bronx bombers, jokes on me meh. So why, why did they beat us. It’s the reason we are struggling, the reason why the Oakland A’s always are competitive and why the San Francisco Giants have the most wins in baseball at the moment. They went out and scouted players with science. Small Ball. The Rays, A’s, Giants, Reds, all are small ball smaller market teams that cut the throat of baseball’s top snakes. They know how to scout, and play as a team with depth, rookies, vets, contact hitters, power hitters, speed, starters, relievers, closers. The Yankees are very top heavy and do not have that same balance. Basically everyone in our starting lineup is a late 20’s power hitter with a low average and a high K rating. Every single pitcher in our rotation is right handed except for Jordan Montgomery. (Cole, German, Taillon, Kluber, Severino= Righties). So, let’s start talking some solutions. The strategy: declutter & diversify. The Yankees have like 10 outfielders and only 3 people can play. The ones you keep: Stanton, Judge, Florial, Gardner, Locastro, Allen. Get rid of Aaron Hicks who is overpaid, Tyler Wade who does not have a good enough bat, Miguel Andujar/ Clint Frazier, these two should be a package deal, they are good enough to start but we can flip them for needs. Ryan LaMarre/ Trey Amburgery, don’t need them, simple sorry mate. I didn’t even know those people existed before last week lmao. It made me pissed when these two guys were called up before a 5 tool prospect in Florial. Like bro you get paid to do this what are you doing. That’s also the issue, there’s so many issues Im going off on tangents. We will get back to the person who gets payed to oversee the players but players first, cant have a coach with no players. So now the Outfield is chopped down. You package Clint and Miguel to Baltimore for John Means an excellent 6″3 under rated left handed pitcher who was an all star and has a sub 3 era and a no hitter this year. Baltimore needs as many good players that they can get. If they Yankees offer them a package of 3-4 B players thats more valuable to them then keeping 1 A+ pitcher and having a bunch of F’s around the field.

We do not need more infielders, I don’t know why we are after Trevor Story when we have Torres and DJ Lemahieu. It’s dumb. He is what we are not looking for, power and low BA, with a high salary. Anyways, the outfield is set. Infield is set. There actually is a mix of power and contact within the infield already in place. Torres has pop, DJ can lead the lead in average, Urshela has a little bit of both, followed by a slugger in Luke Voit. 1st base is fine for pure power. If you want an extra infielder/utility player re sign Didi Gregorious. A fan favorite who is battle certified in the playoffs and has come up huge for us. We need more trades like didi. Thats the type of excellent GM work that needs to be done, Gregorius went from Arizona to New York, Shane Greene went from New York to Detroit, and Robbie Ray and Domingo Leyba went from Detroit to Arizona. We need more signings like Gio Urshella who they got from the blue jays for cash considerations. Small ball trades with good scouting. We need Brian Cashman, he has gotten comfortable. Someone’s gotta spice things up and shock him a little bit. If he doesn’t wake up to science and start hiring a better scouting/ analytic team you fire him in the middle of the season. I don’t know who the yankees team trainer is at the moment but they are not allowed in New York again, get they guy out of there immediately, they are always injury rotten. Ok outfield is fixed. Infield is staying put. Rotation, that injury max potential hopeful strategy gameplan they tried doing in the 2020 offseason with Kluber and Taillon yea thats over with. Dump them both for some quality middle inning low cost, small name depth relievers. Trade one to the Royals. Thats a nice fit. This is what their rotation should be.

  1. Cole
  2. Flaherty
  3. Means
  4. Severino
  5. Montgomery

Obviously I did not mention Flaherty, Jack Flaherty is lights out, they should have traded for him in 2020 when he was struggling after being in CY young conversations, he bounced back this year in 2021 with an 8-1 record and sub 3 era at the moment. It will cost them more but if they have to give up a package around Delvi Garcia, a top pitching prospect, and C Austin Wells, #6 in their system who can replace Yadi Molina , do it. We have Gary Sanchez, who I believe in. Gary needs a defensive vet like Yadi desperately. Under Yadi he can develop fielding, leadership, and vital plate discipline, batting and receiving. Gary has all the tools to be a perennial all star. He can hit nukes and he has a hose of an arm. Just needs to block like 15 thousand times better and have a contact simple minded approach. They need to get their hands on Molina. They should’ve gave him any number in the checkbook this offseason, but they did not, but its ok hes on a 1 year deal so they can get him in 2021. As far as their bullpen, it’s still very good. With those depth trades you bring in some quality low era guys that pitch to get outs and have the wipeout stuff for the late innings. Some of those people include John Curtiss from the Marlins who has been rock solid all season, posting a 2.72 ERA, 1.16 WHIP and 8.9 K/9 in 32 appearances, and he comes with the added appeal of recent postseason experience. With Tampa he made seven combined appearances in the ALCS and World Series, posting a 2.35 ERA with one win and two holds. (Bleacher Report) I don’t really like Zack Britton or Chad Green. Move them to get some lesser more chill quality guys. 3 guys I like, Albert Abreu, and Loisaga who throw smoke and put German in the bullpen. He can be a really good reliever. KEEP CHAPMAN the guy is a left handed 6’4 athletic freak who still throws 103 mph. This year yes he is having the worst stretch of his career but he also had an amazing stretch to open the season not too long ago. Chapman did not allow a run through his first 18 innings of his season. He only gave up one run in his first 23 innings, converting 12 out of 13 saves with a 0.39 ERA during this span. He is still the same guy and probably the best most dynamic closer in baseball.

Finally now that we have a breath of fresh air from the trash dump of players, we need a new manager, at the end of the season. After the 5 run disaster loss to Boston, it’s the nail in the coffin. Already inform him he is not coming back, but not publicly, at least finish the season with some continuity. Its ok if he knows hes done but we don’t need a coaching carousal added to all this right now. I like Aaron Boone, he means well but some of the lineups are weird like Judge 2nd and Odor 4th, Idk, just “mutually part ways” go back to ESPN. We have too much talent and we are loosing. Someone has to take the blame for now. I like watching you on Sunday night ESPN. Hire a new manager. Get the old Yankees involved. A name I like to run the team is Jorge Posada. Catchers are the smartest players and he can lead this team, playing there for over 10 years, a world series champ. With all these changes, steadily develop the farm system and we are set. Bring back some of the Yankees. If there is a young top free agent available give them 500 million on the house with a sundae. No really, with smart efficient reallocation and redistribution of players, a more small science based scouting plan, and a new manager with a focused disciplined approach, the New York Yankees can and will be world series champions once again.

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