November 16th: Locks of the Day

By Tom Adoni, IG @TomSportsPlays

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Utah Jazz (8-5) -8.5 Spread against the Philadelphia 76ers

Reasoning: The Utah Jazz may not have looked so strong recently. They have lost 4 of their last 5. However, last year when both teams in Utah, the 76ers lost 134-123 despite Ben Simmons dropping 42 points and Tobias Harris Harris dropping 36. Embiid was not there that game and he won’t be playing today as well due to health and safety protocols. On the other side, we have a Philly team that has lost their last 4 and have looked very dysfunctional without Joel Embiid in the lineup. I see this as a comfortable bounce back win for the Utah Jazz.

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Winnipeg Jets (8-3-3) Money-line against the Edmonton Oilers (11-3)

Reasoning: The Winnipeg Jets know this Oilers team very well. Not only did they play 9 times in the regular season but they also played each other in the first round of the playoffs this past season. The outcome? 4-0 Sweep in favor of the Jets. It seemed like the Jets have figured out their divisional rival after struggling against them in the regular season with only winning 2 out of 9 games against them. However, that first round sweep is convincing enough to lean towards the Jets in this as they have won their last 4 against this Oilers team. Expect this to be a close game as well; three of the last 4 wins were decided in OT. This may not be the playoffs but I expect the Jets to build on that sweep and continue their domination of the Oilers.

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Calgary Flames (8-3-4) Money-line against the Philadelphia Flyers (7-4-2)

Reasoning: The Calgary Flames may not play the Flyers very often, however, when the two teams do play, you can expect a Flames win. Calgary have won 7 of the last 8 matchups against Philly. With the last 5 going to the Flames, it is hard to see any other result. Clearly, the Flames have gotten Philly figured out over the years. With both teams winning only two of their last 5, I see the Flames having the edge here as history will have a likely repeat tonight.

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