WWE Retrospective : NWO Wolfpac

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Article written by Dylan McGuire Devine (11/20/21)

In 1998, a group of WCW wrestlers and former NWO members joined forces to create a new stable known as the NWO Wolfpac. At the time, it was quite confusing to fans as to who was in the NWO and who was not. There was the regular NWO, the NWO Wolfpac, and the LWO (Latino World Order). So at one point there were three different NWO stables and no one really knew who was on who’s side. So what led to the Wolfpac stable being formed?

Towards the end of 1997, the long feud between Sting and Hulk Hogan/The NWO was reaching it’s climax when Sting faced Hogan at Starrcade ’97. Sting ended up defeating Hogan at Starrcade and left as WCW World Champion, but had to vacate the title due to the controversy of the finish in the title match. Hogan was granted another shot at the WCW World Championship but around this time is when problems began to develop in the NWO. The problems basically came down to the fact that there were WAY too many members in the NWO. This led to backstage problems and ego issues due to members believing they weren’t getting enough TV time. Over the matter of just a few weeks the NWO lost Macho Man Randy Savage, Scott Hall, and Syxx (Sean Waltman/X-Pac). Along with losing three key members, Kevin Nash over time began to have the same issues that most other wrestlers had with Hogan. Hogan was an ego maniac who only looked out for himself and wasn’t concerned about the greater good of the NWO. Nash was also unhappy with Eric Bischoff at the time due to how one of his best friends. Sean Waltman was released from his contract.

At Spring Stampede ’98, Hogan and Nash had a tag match against Roddy Piper and The Giant. Hogan ended up turning on Nash after the match which led to Nash assisting Randy Savage in defeating Sting in the main event for the WCW World Championship. Over the next few weeks the other NWO members had a decision to make. Would they side with Hogan or would they side with Nash?

This is where things get interesting. Over the years we have heard many different opinions and stories on why the NWO split and how the Wolfpac was formed. Bischoff has claimed it was because the NWO had too many members and they needed to split. Nash has claimed it was due to backstage issues and creative differences between him and Hogan. He has said it got to the point where they didn’t want to work with each other anymore which is why they went their separate ways.

The Wolfpac was initially introduced on the May 4th edition of Monday Night Nitro when Nash, Savage, and Konnan came out to the ring in black and red NWO gear. They were then joined by Curt Hennig, Rick Rude, Dusty Rhodes, and Miss Elizabeth. At Slamboree ’98, Scott Hall made his return and showed up in NWO Wolfpac gear. He was tagging with Nash against Sting and The Giant. At this time, Sting hadn’t chosen any alliance or side while The Giant was apart of Hogan’s NWO. During this match, Hall shockingly turned on Nash which led to Sting and The Giant picking up the win.

Hall went on to be announced as the newest member of Hogan’s NWO. Around this time after Hall was introduced as the newest member of Hogan’s NWO, Lex Luger joined the NWO Wolfpac and wanted his close friend, Sting to do the same. The following weeks saw both groups trying to recruit Sting to join their stables. Sting revealed his decision and everyone thought he was going to do the unthinkable and join Hogan’s NWO due to him coming out with the regular NWO gear. Sting ended up ripping off the NWO gear to show he was now apart of the NWO Wolfpac. Now apart of the Wolfpac, Sting would begin sporting red and black face paint and gear.

Curt Hennig and Rick Rude went on to eventually leave the Wolfpac and join Hogan’s NWO. This is where everything really began to fall apart for the NWO, the Wolfpac, and WCW in general. Sting won the tag titles and chose Nash as his partner but Nash had a weird feud with Scott Hall going on at the time. Nash didn’t want to fight Hall and wanted them to bury the hatchet. On the same night that Nash and Hall were supposed to fight, fans saw one of the most disgraceful and awful wrestling matches ever between The Warrior and Hogan. Nash went on to get a title shot against newly crowned champion, Goldberg. Meanwhile, Scott Hall was kicked out of Hogan’s NWO and Hogan announced his “retirement” from wrestling which left Scott Steiner as the new leader of the NWO.

Nash ended up defeating Goldberg and became the new WCW World Champion. His title reign ended quickly though due to Hogan returning from his “retirement”. This is where the infamous finger poke of doom comes into play. This is where the Wolfpace basically ended. It got relatively confusing due to Hogan now being champion and he began sporting Wolfpac gear. This is where WCW really began to shit the bed and things got confusing and sad to be quite honest. The Wolfpac ended up just becoming the same old NWO that we already knew and were tired of. Both Sting and Randy Savage were not in WCW at the time and when they returned they weren’t affiliated with either NWO group ever again.

The Wolfpac was sort of a turning point in WCW where things began to fall apart. I will soon be putting out an article on the downfall of WCW which will include some more details on The Wolfpac.

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