Who should dethrone Roman Reigns?

Written By Nicolas Joseph Papa

Roman Reigns is on the greatest Universal title run in the belts short existence holding it for over 400 days and defeating some of the industry’s biggest names ever. Reigns has beaten Edge, John Cena, Brock Lesnar, and Daniel Bryan just to name a few. Roman hasn’t been pinned since December of 2019 so whoever beats The Tribal Chief for the Universal Championship is bound to become a star WWE can build around as Reigns takes the jump to Hollywood. The question is who is the right man for the job. Here’s a list of superstars I believe could or should dethrone The Head Of The Table.

Drew McIntyre

The Smackdown Warrior is the only superstar on Smackdown currently that I can see defeating Roman and rightfully so. The guy completely transformed himself when he returned to WWE in 2017 and has become a fan favorite work horse. McIntyre was one of the main faces that carried WWE through the pandemic as WWE Champion and he never got the run he deserved in front of a crowd. Not only would the pop for a McIntyre win against Reigns be massive, his run with the belt would feel natural and unforced unlike others we’ve seen in the past.


This option seems more like fantasy booking then anything but Walter is an absolute beast who needs to have a run on the WWE main roster. I truly believe he’s one of the best big men in the world of wrestling and a win against Roman would cement him as a top guy for years to come. If WWE were to go down this avenue I would have Walter absolutely dominate Roman Reigns like we’ve never seen before. This should then lead to Reigns being off tv for a couple of months while Walter just demolishes the rest of the roster until Roman’s ultimate return. In this scenario you create a new star and organically make Reigns into the BabyFace or Anti-Hero that WWE always wanted him to be.

The Rock

Roman Reigns vs. The Rock for the Universal Championship is the biggest match WWE can put on. Although a championship run for The Rock at this stage of his career is unlikely, a story built around The Rock taking down Roman and knocking his cousin off the pedestal would be a great one to tell. (See what I did there) I even think there’s an argument to be made that the potential matchup between The Tribal Chief and The Great One is on the same level as Rock/Cena and Rock/Hogan. I do think though that there are better options then The Rock but it would be cool nonetheless.

Seth Rollins

I mean come on. Do I even have to explain this one? Seth Rollins has really found his groove again as a heel and I believe he’s doing the best work of his career right now. As for the match itself, there is so much history there that it just makes sense for Seth to challenge and beat Roman for the title. Rollins in my opinion is the best in ring worker in the company currently and he’s earned himself an opportunity to be the top guy again.

Jey Uso

Main Event Jey Uso. With Jimmy out last year around this time Jey went on an unforgettable singles run main eventing Smackdown every week and doing the dirty work for Roman Reigns. It’s just another story that tells itself, If I remember correctly Jey Uso was the first singles title defense for Reigns and it would be a perfect full circle moment for Jey to take down his egotistical cousin. Perhaps on the grandest stage of them all.

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