Jeff Hardy: The Charismatic Enigma

Article written Dylan McGuire Devine (11/29/21)

It is crazy that we’re in 2021 and I can confidently say that Jeff Hardy is the most over wrestler in the WWE right now. Hardy has consistently been getting the loudest reactions from crowds for quite a while now and the fans have been buzzing regarding what is next for the charismatic enigma.

At 44 years old, Hardy has practically done it all in the world of professional wrestling. Three-time WWE Champion, five-time Intercontinental Champion, nine-time WWE Tag Team Champion, and he held the US Title on one occasion. There is one thing that Hardy has not accomplished yet. Becoming WWE Universal Champion. Since he began his singles run a few years ago, Hardy has consistently expressed his urge to have one more major singles title run and the time is now.

Our Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns has been on top and has been universal champ for over a year now. It is quite apparent that his title run is coming to an end soon and it will likely happen at Wrestlemania in a few months. The most talked about topic in the wrestling community right now is who should be the person to finally put down Roman Reigns? People have said names like Brock Lesnar, Finn Balor, AJ Styles, Seth Rollins, Edge, McIntyre, and many more. But IMO, Jeff Hardy should be the guy.

Let’s use Kofi Kingston’s “Kofimania” storyline from 2019 as an example. Kofi Kingston has been a fan favorite for years. The one thing he hadn’t accomplished was becoming world champ. He got CRAZY over with the crowd going into Wrestlemania 35 and ended up going on to face Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania. It was the ultimate underdog story of a fan favorite guy that had been overlooked and underrated his whole career which led him to the biggest match of his career at Mania. Kofi went on to defeat Daniel Bryan and became the new WWE Champion. After the three count, he got one of the loudest crowd reactions in Wrestlemania history. Although he went on to have a lackluster run as champion due to getting squashed by Brock Lesnar after a few months, his Wrestlemania moment still stands as one of the best moments in wrestling history and “Kofimania” is one of the best storylines in recent memory.

Why am I using this as an example? Because Hardy is in almost the same exact situation right now. He is the most over guy in the WWE and is looking to do the one thing that he has yet to accomplish which is becoming Universal Champion. Now, Roman Reigns is the top dog in WWE and has been built up as an unbeatable guy. He has put down Cena, Lesnar, Bryan, Edge, and many more names. What makes Hardy valid to be the guy to finally defeat Reigns? He has always been the ultimate underdog. He’s always been “too small” and “not big enough” to be the quote on quote top guy to carry the company. But Hardy has proven himself time and time again as a talent that can be the face of the company and is a guy that the fans love.

We’ve got the Royal Rumble coming up in a few months and I think Hardy should be the guy to win it. As it looks like we’re going to get Lesnar vs. Reigns again at the next PPV “Day 1”, I am not sure who Reigns will be defending the title against at the rumble. While Reigns is doing his own thing, I believe WWE should keep building Hardy up by having him win matches consistently, being on TV consistently, and being the second most popular face on SmackDown behind Reigns. At the rumble, have him be one of the first few guys to come out to keep him as the underdog. As the match goes on they should continue to keep him looking like the underdog by barely staying in the ring, but ultimately lasting until the final two. I think the final two men should be Hardy and Rollins with Hardy eliminating Rollins to win the Rumble. Now, this leaves Hardy having to choose between facing Big E or Reigns.

If this ultimately does happen, he is without a doubt going to choose Reigns which means we’ll see the two face off at mania. At mania in front of 100,00+ people in a packed AT&T Stadium, Jeff Hardy should do the unthinkable and break the head of the table. The ultimate underdog story will reach it’s payoff and Hardy will become the new WWE Universal Champion. I think they should have Hardy hold the title for a few months up until around the time his contract ends in September of 2022. It would be the perfect last few months of Hardy on WWE TV before he likely moves on from the WWE once his contract expires.

Everything said in this article is pretty much hypothetical. It is not set in stone that any of this will happen although I hope it does. Regardless of what happens, I believe WWE needs to do something and capitalize on how over Hardy is right now.

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