Why the Browns will win SB 56

By Tom Adoni, IG @TomSportsPlays

Could The Cleveland Browns Still Win The AFC North?

We are currently looking at the best odds for a Super Bowl contender ever. The Cleveland Browns are currently sitting at +10,000 odds to win the Super Bowl. My $20 bet will turn into $2,000 and I will explain why. The Browns are playing the Steelers this week. This will be a fairly easy win given how they looked against Kansas City last week. The Ravens will be playing a Rams team who has won their last 4 with impressive wins against Cardinals, Seahawks and Vikings. Bengals are playing the Chiefs this week. With all due respect to Cincy, they will not have an easy time against Mahomes and 9 out of 10 times, Pat will out-duel Burrow. Then, the division will come down to the last week where the Bengals will play against the Browns. I see this game being low scoring but Browns coming out on top since they have the better defense. Then, playoff time comes and the most lethal running back combo in Hunt and Chubb will be hitting teams with a one-two punch. That combination of star running backs and a stellar defense will make them the team to beat. I see them making it to the AFC Championship with ease, that’s when they will face the Chiefs and get revenge on them after losing to them in last year’s Divisional round. The Browns will give Pat a hard time with Clowney and Garrett running after him all game. In the Superbowl, I expect them to meet the Buccaneers and the Browns defense will give Tom Brady a hard time, just like Saints did two weeks ago when they shut him out. The reasoning behind all of this can be summed up in one old-time phrase, “Defense wins Championships.”

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