Cody Rhodes To Get Pushed Upon WWE Arrival?

Former TNT Champion Cody Rhodes

Written by Nicolas Papa (2/17/22)

The wrestling world was rocked on Tuesday when news came out that Cody Rhodes is leaving AEW and will most likely be joining WWE. Rhodes was one of the founding fathers of AEW and absolutely no-one expected him to leave, at least like this.

It’s been reported by multiple reputable outlets like PWTorch that Cody is going to rejoin WWE and is set for a big push upon his return. It’s also been reported that WWE officials are very excited about the signing as it’s the first defection for AEW to WWE. Not only that but it’s a former AEW EVP and a man who had big contributions in changing the business for the better.

With Cody Rhodes being able to appear on WWE TV at any time who are some potential WrestleMania opponents for The American Nightmare? If I had to take my guess, I would say Seth Rollins. Although Rollins has worked in other promotions such as ROH he’s been in a top position with WWE for so long that he could be considered a “WWE Guy”. I think that sets up a matchup with Cody perfectly. Cody left WWE to become a star elsewhere and helped found a rival company. I think that story alone is enough to setup a feud between one of WWE’s top guys and Cody Rhodes, a man who was a top guy in many different promotions between 2016-2022.

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