Bobby Lashley Injured, Set to Undergo Shoulder Surgery

One of WWE’s biggest stars, Bobby Lashley is set to undergo shoulder surgery and will likely be missing Wrestlemania 38.

Lashley was removed from yesterday’s Elimination Chamber match due to a “concussion”. According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE has known for weeks that Lashley would not be competing in the chamber match.

Former WWE writer Kazeem Famuyide is reporting that that Lashley suffered a shoulder injury in his match with Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble. This could be why we haven’t seen him compete in a match or defend his title since then.

With the timeframe of recovery from shoulder surgery being about four months, Lashley will definitely be missing Wrestlemania this year. It has been unclear what WWE had planned for Lashley at Mania, but him being out is a huge loss for WWE and the mania card. Since WWE has made it abundantly clear that their plan for mania is to have Brock vs. Reigns in a title vs. title match, we all knew Lashley wouldn’t be retaining his title in yesterday’s chamber match.

It is sad that Lashley’s title run had to end like this and we all wish him a healthy and speedy recovery.

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