Who Will Be the Raw Tag Team Champions Entering WrestleMania?

The Monday Night Raw tag team scene is heating up as we get closer to WrestleMania 38 with a triple threat tag team match scheduled for the March 7th edition of Monday Night Raw.

The Alpha Academy

Chad Gable and Otis have become the top heel tag team on Monday Night’s and rightfully so. For years now Chad Gable has been given the short end of the stick and now he is finally getting the recognition he deserves from creative and the fans. The current Raw tag team champions have been booked strongly since winning the titles against RKBRO a few months ago which is surprising considering WWE’s shaky track record in booking champions. Gable has shown that not only can he go in the ring, but he can also cut great promos that draw heat from the live crowd.

As for Otis he’s been built up as a dominant heel for months now. Don’t be shocked if Otis gets a singles push in the future when the Alpha Academy eventually breaks up. As for now though I just can’t see these guys losing the titles. If WWE truly wants this to be a stupendous WrestleMania, they are going to need Riddle, Randy Orton, KO, and Seth Rollins in big matches.

Riddle and Randy split?

The Alpha academy retaining their titles seems like the most likely outcome as it might just be time for Riddle and Randy Orton to split up and once again become singles stars. A potential heel turn from Randy Orton after losing the match in two weeks seems like the route they’ll go with if WWE does decide to split the two.

RKBRO has arguably been the biggest bright spot on Raw for months now but the potential for a big money match a WrestleMania after a heartbreaking split might just be too good to pass up. A heel Randy Orton putting Riddle over at WrestleMania should be a star making moment for the former United States Champion.

Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens

With just six weeks left until WrestleMania it seems unclear as to what two of the biggest stars in WWE will be doing. We’ve heard rumors of Kevin Owens maybe facing a returning Stone Cold Steve Austin but as of yet nothing has come to fruition on TV aside from a few teases. Seth Rollins path is just as questionable. Fans hope to see a debuting Cody Rhodes take on Seth Rollins but as of now there hasn’t been any reports regarding Cody’s debut date or if he’s even officially rejoining his former employer.

Who do you think will walk into WrestleMania as Tag Team Champions? Let us know on our socials or leave a comment below.

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