The Uprising of AEW’s “Hook”

Internet meme turned into one of wrestling’s most popular rising stars, Hook has had quite the uprising in All Elite Wrestling.

Hook for the longest time was just a background guy for Team Taz on AEW TV. But as time went on fans began questioning him and his character.

What is he even doing here? Will he ever talk? Can he wrestle? All of this internet buzz really elevated Hook’s character and the aura around him. Everything about Hook was so mysterious. He had never wrestled a match or spoke on AEW TV up until December of 2021.

Hook’s arrival

Hook really began to gain even more popularity in September after a promo between CM Punk and Team Taz. Punk told Taz to “Send Hook” and the internet went crazy. “Send Hook” was now a catchphrase that AEW fans were consistently using online as they waited for Hook’s in ring debut.

Hook made his long awaited in ring debut on an episode of AEW Rampage in December of 2021 and he did not disappoint. The mood of the show immediately changed when Hook made his entrance. The lights went out, as Action Bronson’s song ” The Chairmans Intent” played with all black on the titantron’s with just the word “Hook” in white.

Hook made his way to the ring looking as confident as ever with a mean mug on his face. He made quick work of Fuego Del Sol and looked very impressive in his first outing. He was hard hitting, good on the mat, and proved to be just like his father as a natural technical wrestler.

Since his debut Hook has dominated and has beaten everyone and anyone put in his path. His buildup has been perfectly done and fans love him. He is a total badass and is truly one of the most over guys in wrestling at the moment.

Currently Hook is in a program with QT Marshall which is likely going to lead to Hook’s first PPV match this weekend at AEW Revolution. With Hook’s popularity with the AEW fans, the sky really is the limit for the 22-year-old rising star.

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