Carmelo Anthony interview


*Written by Nicolas Papa*

Recently Carmelo Anthony had an interview on ESPN First Take with ESPN TV personality Stephen A. Smith where he talked about the future of his NBA career and mistakes he made along the way. Here are the 3 biggest takeaways from what was said by Carmelo Anthony.

1. He isn’t seeking a farewell tour

Recently on the breakfast club Carmelo Anthony’s trainer Chris Brickley said “Melo just wants to have a farewell season.” It turns out that this isn’t true. Carmelo told Stephen A that he never said anything about seeking a farewell tour even though he was thinking that this year could be his last. Brickley then went on to say later that his comments were based off his opinions and not anything Carmelo told him. The initial comment seemed to annoy Anthony as he made it completely clear that he isn’t planning on a farewell tour as of now.

2. He could’ve been apart of the Miami Heat Big 3

During the interview Stephen A mentioned that the plan was never for Chris bosh to be apart of the Miami Heat big 3. Carmelo Anthony was supposed to be the 3rd member along side the duo of LeBron James and DWade but he took a 5Yr extension with the Denver Nuggets for the money instead of taking a 3Yr extension and aligning his free agency with James and Wade. Even though we have no idea how the fit would’ve been this may unquestionably been one of if not the worst move of Anthony’s career. The biggest hit to his legacy is not having an NBA title and taking money over the possibility of winning. Playing 4 seasons with Wade and James would’ve have most definitely brought him atleast one NBA Championship and a max contract after the 4 years on the team.

3. He could still play

At the end of the day Carmelo Anthony is one of the greatest scorers ever who could still be in the NBA today. Over the last few months off Melo has humbled himself and has a new outlook on his career. He is willing to make sacrifices and come off the bench as long as he could play. Anthony said he and his team have been talking to multiple teams including the Lakers and Clippers but but nothing has materialized quite yet. Many including me hope to see Carmelo Anthony back in the league playing and competing from an NBA Championship.

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