3 takeaways from the first weekend of the NBA Restart

Written by Nicolas Papa 8-2-20

1. Lakers Vs Clippers playoff series would be one of the best in years.

The NBA restart kicked off with a bang as we saw Lakers Vs Clippers with the Lakers taking the win by a score of 103-101. LeBron James once again struggled from the field against the Clippers but he did hit the game winning shot and played fantastic defense all game long. We also saw Paul George return to MVP form with 30 points as running mate Kawhi Leonard did his usual damage on both ends. All 4 games this season have been great for the fans & the NBA as a whole and we could possibly see them matchup in the Western Conference Finals in what would be an entertaining series.

2. The Pelicans aren’t making the playoffs.

When the NBA announced a possible playoffs play-in game it looked like a plot to get Zion Williamson in the playoffs to help increase viewership but it doesn’t look like the Pelicans will be able to pull it off. With two big time losses against the Jazz & Clippers, the Pelicans are now 4 games back from a playoff spot with 6 games left to play. An opportuinity to bring the team back to the NBA Playoffs may have been squandered by poor play and minimal Zion Williamson minutes (29 minutes total in 2 games)

3. The Pacers are a sleeper in the East

As a Miami Heat fan I dread the possibility of playing the Pacers in the first round. On Saturday they proved to be a hungry team capable of defeating great teams such as the Philadelphia 76ers. Even with injuries to Sabonis & Brogdon the Pacers looked great with TJ Warren scoring 53 points. This team is a scary first round matchup with Victor Oladipo working his way back to 100% & weapons like TJ Warren & Myles Turner making their presence felt.

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