Adam Cole to AEW?

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Article written by Dylan McGuire Devine (8/23/21)

Last night we may have seen the last of Adam Cole in the WWE/NXT. According to PWinsider, Adam Cole is finished with NXT. Fightful Wrestling has also reported that Cole is yet to come to terms with WWE on a contract extension as of Sunday morning. As we all know, Kyle O’Reilly defeated Cole last night in a two out of three falls match at NXT Takeover 36. Cole was helped to the back after the match leading to many of us believing NXT is planning on having him off of TV for some time, or he is completely done.

What is next for Cole? Could we see him head to the main roster or could we see him jump ship and join AEW? Last night following his match with O’Reilly, both Britt Baker (Cole’s girlfriend) and the Young Bucks both teased Cole coming to AEW.

In my opinion this is just AEW getting people talking and getting people to talk about the possibility of Cole coming to AEW (I am one of those people). But I do think it is honestly a real toss up of what Cole’s next move is. Cole is a very smart guy and smart business man and he proved that after waiting to sign with WWE for years and instead built himself up in companies like ROH, PWG, and NJPW. We all know Cole has history with some of the top guys in AEW as he was apart of both the Bullet Club and The Elite for some time before joining NXT. But does his history with AEW’s top guys mean he will end up in AEW? I am not sure.

Like I previously said, Cole is a smart guy. I am sure he knows that if he stays with WWE and moves up to the main roster there is a high chance he is treated like most of the other NXT guys that have moved up to the main roster and have been wasted. Especially with the rumored heat and power struggle going on between Triple H and Vince. But I also feel like there is a possibility Cole could be a guy that they actually utilize and treat properly. It has been reported that Cole and Vince had a meeting and Vince really likes Cole on a personal level and as a performer. So could we see Cole be a main event guy on maybe Monday Night Raw? Maybe. But we all know with how the WWE operates, it really isn’t guaranteed.

As a wrestling fan and as an Adam Cole fan for years now, I feel that Cole jumping ship and joining AEW would be in his best interest. On a level of creative freedom, being able to be with his girlfriend, some of his closest friends, and having a roster full of guys he could feud or have matches with. But then again, if WWE tells him he is going to a key part of the company and the product going forward and that he’ll be able to work with top guys, I would understand why he’d want to stay.

Cole currently has the freedom to sign and go wherever and he doesn’t have a non-compete clause. He could show up on Dynamite this Wednesday if he wanted to. Cole’s future in wrestling is one of the most talked about stories in wrestling right now and whatever decision he makes or wherever he ends up will have the wrestling community buzzing regardless.

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