AEW Full Gear 2021 Predictions

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Predictions by Dylan McGuire Devine & Nicolas Papa (11/12/21)

AEW World Championship match : Kenny Omega (C) vs. Hangman Adam Page

Dylan : The buildup to this match on Saturday Night has been one of the best storylines in recent memory. Hangman is arguably the most over wrestler in the world right now and he is officially going to become the top guy in AEW at Full Gear. Hangman Adam Page wins.

Nick: Kenny Omega has arguably been the best champion on national television for almost a year now but it’s finally that time for his reign to end. The long term story of Kenny Vs Hangman is bound to be completed this Saturday when Hangman finally wins the big one and becomes the face of AEW for years to come. Hangman Adam Page Wins!

AEW Women’s Championship match : Britt Baker (C) vs. Tay Conti

Dylan : No chance Baker loses the title. I think Conti is one of the best women’s wrestlers in AEW and truly deserves this match but like Nick said, Baker is the best thing going in the AEW Women’s division right now. There are plenty of other candidates to be the woman to take the title off of Baker so I don’t see Conti winning this match. Britt Baker retains.

Nick: There will be no hot takes over here, Britt Baker is the best thing going in the AEW Women’s division and I just can’t see her losing the title anytime soon. Britt Baker retains!

AEW Tag Team Championship match : The Lucha Bros vs. FTR

Nick: Two of the very best tag teams in the world. It should be a very fun match with The Lucha Bros winning its just to early to take the belts off them. Lucha Bros Win!

Dylan : What a fun match this is going to be. IMO, it has the potential to be as good as the Bucks vs. Lucha Bros match from All Out a few months back. The titles were just put on the Lucha Bros so I don’t see them dropping the titles quite yet. FTR will surely get their AEW Tag Team Championship run at some point, just not quite yet. Lucha Bros retain.

AEW Championship Eliminator Tournament Final : Bryan Danielson vs. Miro

Nick : As I see it this match is here to determine who is first in line for a newly crowned AEW World Champion Adam Page. Either man would be a fantastic choice to be Pages’ first challeneger but I think this one is going to Bryan. Although Miro is having a fantastic run in AEW right now I think Bryan is just on another level currently and having him lose in the finals to Miro (Who would probably lose to Page anyways) just doesn’t seem likely. Bryan Wins!

Dylan : These two guys are going to beat the shit out of each other. Miro was a very solid replacement for Jon Moxley in this tournament and it was a great booking decision to have him move on in the tournament to face Danielson. Although Miro would be a worthy opponent for Adam Page once he wins the title, there is no chance he is winning this match. Danielson is arguably the best wrestler in the world right now and I know Tony Khan is looking forward to having him face off against Page. Bryan Danielson wins.

CM Punk vs. Eddie Kingston

Nick : The build for this match has been absolutely fantastic. Storytelling in professional wrestling is one of the best things in entertainment if done right and this feud has done that and then some. Obviously we’ve been given the history between Punk and Kingston and it’s been fantastic but I think the real story here is CM Punk facing his biggest challenge yet. Punk was away from wrestling for seven years and now that’s he’s finally back many have felt that his run so far has been very underwhelming but that’s not it at all. Punk has been winning small feuds and building himself up to become the threat he once was. I truly believe that when we look back on this feud a few months from now we will remember it as a turning point for CM Punk, Eddie Kingston is going to bring out the old aggressive Punk in a hard hitting affair with Punk obviously coming out on top. CM Punk Wins!

Dylan : For a match that has only had a buildup of about three weeks, this is one of my most anticipated matches for Full Gear. Not even because I’m such a huge Punk guy. Because if we’re being honest, Kingston is one of my favorites and an inspiration of mine as well. I’ve got a feeling people are going to be very surprised with the quality of this match. It may be Punk’s best match thus far in AEW. I could see this going either way honestly, but I think Punk is going to come out on top. CM Punk defeats Eddie Kingston.

MJF vs. Darby Allin

Nick : I agree with Dylan here this match is a really tough one to predict as two of the greatest young stars in all of wrestling will go at each other. I think a slight edge goes to MJF in this match however. MJF is the biggest heel in AEW and a win against fan favorite Darby is the right move to build up MJF as the man to eventually take the title off Page. MJF Wins!

Dylan : Two of the best young guys in all of wrestling. This is going to be a phenomenal match. I honestly think MJF could be one of the first guys to challenge Page for the title. But then again, I could say the same for Darby. This is a real tossup for who I think is going to win, but I’m picking MJF. MJF defeats Darby Allin.

Falls count anywhere : Jurassic Express and Christian Cage vs. The Young Bucks and Adam Cole

Nick : Not super into this feud anymore but it should be a really fun match with The Bucks and Cole going over. SuperKliq Wins!

Dylan : I don’t have much to say on this one as I was over this feud three weeks ago. Time for both groups to move on. Jurassic Express and Christian Cage defeat The Super Kliq.

Street fight : The Inner Circle vs. American Top Team

Dylan : I just want to see Dan Lambert get put through a table. Inner Circle defeats American Top Team.

Pac and Cody Rhodes vs. Andrade and Malakai Black

Nick : This feud turned extremely uninteresting to me after seeing Black lose to Cody live at Dynamite. But these are four amazing workers in this match and it should be a great one with Andrade and Black going over. Andrade & Malakai Black Win!

Dylan : This is another one where it’s time for all of these guys to move on from each other. I’m a big fan of all four of these guys and I’m sure it will be a solid match, but I’m just not invested into this match one bit. Hopefully this is the end of Malakai Black and Cody’s feud. Andrade and Black defeat Rhodes and Pac.

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