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Article written by Dylan McGuire Devine (7/29/21)

AEW vs. WWE. The Two biggest companies in all of professional wrestling. Which is the better company? This is arguably the most popular debate in the wrestling community and has been for two plus years now.

There are multiple things I break down and think of before officially saying which company is better. I have to consider the storytelling, the in ring work, the characters, the talent, the star power, the promos, and more. With that being said, AEW blows WWE out of the water in my personal opinion. Now I am not the type of person that will bash the WWE or other wrestling companies just because I believe AEW is the best company. I enjoy all wrestling. Do I disagree with a majority of the decisions WWE makes? Hell yes. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to get all butthurt and complain all over the internet about it.

Now I’ll breakdown why I believe AEW is the best professional wrestling company in the world. AEW EASILY beats WWE when it comes down to in ring work, character development, promos, and storylines. WWE over the past few years has gained the reputation of putting out shitty storylines and they take forever to develop characters and stars. Roman Reigns is a perfect example. Vince began trying to make Reigns the next megastar for the WWE since 2014. For what felt like forever he was just a wannabe John Cena and was a cheesy face character. We are now in 2021 which means it took WWE six/seven years to turn him heel which has finally led to him being one of the biggest stars in wrestling. AEW is completely different.

Look at Hangman Adam Page. They have been PERFECT at long tern storytelling not just with him, but right now he is the perfect example. They have been building him up to be a top guy in the company since his debut in 2019. He has always been popular amongst the fans, but he is one of the most over guys in all of wrestling right now and will likely be the guy to end Kenny Omega’s dominant reign as the AEW World Heavyweight Champion. The other thing with Adam Page is he is basically a home grown talent in AEW. Similar to Darby Allin who has also quickly become one of the biggest stars in AEW. WWE doesn’t have any guys like Page or Allin that they have been building up for awhile that could be a potential threat for either Lashley or Reigns. Both of them really have no real competition or threats to dethrone them.

The rivalries AEW has had over the past year are way more notable then the ones WWE has had. Honestly off the top of my head the last great feud WWE had was Edge and Randy Orton in 2020. AEW has had more than multiple notable feuds over the past year. Omega vs. Pac, Moxley vs. Jericho, Cody vs. MJF, Moxley vs. Omega, and many more.

The in ring talent AEW now has compared to WWE is ridiculous. They have brought in so many talented guys and gals since 2019 that it is truly remarkable. WWE’s women’s division is a joke compared to AEW’s women’s division Now, they have two of the greatest wrestlers of all-time signed and are set to debut real soon. Daniel F’N Bryan and the best in the world, CM Punk. This is going to have ALL eyes on AEW. Ratings have already been kind of iffy for WWE and AEW Dynamite has continuously beaten them multiple times. When Bryan and Punk show up, WWE is going to lose a lot of viewers and AEW is going to gain even more viewers.

I really don’t consider it a “war” between AEW and WWE like most people do, I more see it as a competition between two rival companies. This competition isn’t slowing down any time soon. If WWE wants to get some momentum they need to get their shit together. Keep Cena around as long as they can and maybe even bring back a big name guy like Brock. It feels like they have no direction really other then what they want for Roman Reigns. They really need to gain some momentum and figure out what is next for them if they want to keep fans around.

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