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Article written by Dylan Devine (2/16/21)

In season seven of Star Wars : The Clone Wars we were introduced to the Bad Batch. The Bad Batch are a team of clone troopers who fought during the Clone Wars. What makes this group of clones different is that they have slight mutations that make them in some ways more superior to other clones. Months back it was announced we would be getting a Disney+ animated series centered around the Bad Batch that is set to release likely in the spring. Today I am going to get into what we know so far about the series.

Directed and created by Dave Filoni

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The series will be directed by beloved Star Wars creator/director/producer Dave Filoni. Filoni directed both Star Wars animated series Clone Wars and Rebels so he has a great track record. He also was a producer on season one and two of The Mandalorian and directed two episodes. Filoni is beloved by Star Wars fans to the point where many of us want him to take over LucasFilm. Bad Batch is definitely in good hands with Filoni.

Takes place during the Imperial Era

The series will take place years after the Clone Wars, during the Imperial Era. In the announcement for the show it was said we are going to watch the Bad Batch “find their way in a rapidly changing galaxy in the immediate aftermath of the Clone Wars. In the post Clone Wars era, they will take on daring mercenary missions as they struggle to stay afloat and find new purpose.” This sounds VERY promising and will give us a new look at the Imperial Era and the aftermath of the events of Order 66 and the Clone Wars. Since it is during the Imperial Era, we will be seeing some familiar faces.

Grand Moff Tarkin appearance

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One character confirmed to be apart of the series is Grand Moff Tarkin. He had a quick appearance in the trailer for the series but we are not too sure what his role will be.

Fennec Shand appearance

Fennec Shand as seen in The Bad Batch teaser

Another character confirmed to be appearing in the series is Fennec Shand. Shand was introduced in season one of The Mandalorian and got a bigger role in season two. She will also be appearing alongside Boba Fett in the live action “Book of Boba Fett” series set to release this coming December. Ming-Na Wen who plays the role of Fennec Shand said in an interview that the Bad Batch series will show a younger version of Shand that will help her character development. I believe the reason for her inclusion is to dive deeper into her character before her appearance in the Boba Fett series as she will have a big role. We will become more familiar with her and the characters backstory.

Link to the Bad Batch series trailer :

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