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Article written by Dylan Devine (10/20/20)

Ben Solo is the son of Princess Leia Organa and Han Solo. His grandparents are Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala. Before Ben was even born, his mother Leia felt a strong connection with her unborn son. She could feel how powerful he was with the force, but also could feel that he had darkness in him that she didn’t quite understand. At a young age Solo began training as a pilot and everyone thought he was going to grow up to be a great pilot just like his father and grandfather before him. Over time it was discovered that he was force sensitive taking after his mother, uncle, and grandfather. Leia began to become concerned that since Darth Vader was Ben’s grandfather, he would have conflict in him and could turn to the dark side. Because of his blossoming power in the force Han and Leia sent their son to train with his uncle, Luke Skywalker. They believed this would be beneficial for Ben and his future as training with Luke could show him the ways of being a Jedi and he would learn and begin to understand the force and what it meant to be force sensitive. Over time, Luke began to believe that Ben was his successor and was the chosen one to take over the Jedi Order. Ben’s powers grabbed the attention of a powerful force sensitive, Snoke (later revealed to have been Emperor Palpatine) and Snoke contacted Ben and planted visions of betrayal and distrust in his mind. For awhile Solo stayed loyal to Luke and was dedicated to becoming a Jedi, but as time went on the visions of betrayal and distrust that Snoke planted in Solo’s head took over. Luke began to fear Ben and one night went to the hut that Ben stayed in and read his mind. Luke was horrified by the vision he saw and all of the darkness that was in his nephew. Luke ignited his lightsaber which woke Ben up and prompted him to pull the hut down on Luke. He escaped in the night and later returned with the Knights of Ren who were the former Jedi who turned on Luke. Ben was gone. He was now known as Kylo Ren. Ren and the Knights of Ren together killed all of the remaining Jedi Luke was training and destroyed Luke’s academy.

Kylo Ren

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We do not know much about Ren’s training under Snoke, but we know it was very abusive. Ren’s main purpose was now to hunt down and kill his uncle and former master, Luke Skywalker. Now without recapping The Force Awakens, basically Ren was tasked with finding the map to Skywalker so he can kill him. Snoke is afraid Skywalker will return and along with him, the Jedi. Snoke begins to feel an awakening in the force which we find out to be Rey. The map goes all over the place and is inside of a BB unit, and ultimately ends up in the hands of Ren’s father, Han Solo. Snoke now is testing Ren and tasks him with killing his father. This task creates conflict inside of Ren. He knows what he has to do, but doesn’t know if he can. He ultimately ends up killing his father. Ren now is hunting down Rey and finds her in a forest where he looks in to her mind and realizes she is gifted with the force. Ren let’s Snoke know that Rey is powerful in the force, but she needs to be trained. Rey escapes, but runs into Ren again alongside Finn and they engage in a lightsaber duel where Rey comes out on top. We now are in the events of The Last Jedi. Ren faces his master and Snoke basically insults him telling him he has failed him and that he is nothing more then a boy in a mask. After this, Ren ends up smashing and ruining his helmet. He now continues his pursuit of the Resistance and Rey hoping to prove to his master that he is more then just a boy in a mask. Throughout the film we see a lot of conflict in Ren. This reaches it’s climax when he ends up killing Snoke and teaming up with Rey to take on Snoke’s guards. Ren asks Rey to take his hand and rule the First Order with him but she refuses and escapes. After this event, Ren faces his uncle and former master, Luke Skywalker (as a force projection). The last thing we see Ren do in the film is kneel down and hold the dice from the millennium falcon, the ship that his father piloted. Ren was obsessed with these dice as a child. Now we are at The Rise of Skywalker.

The redemption of Ben Solo

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At the beginning of the film we find out that Emperor Palpatine is alive and has been pulling the strings since the beginning. He was Snoke and was every voice and vision that Ren ever heard or saw. We see Ren hunt down Rey to ask for her hand once again so they can destroy Palpatine together. She refuses again and let’s Ren know she wanted to take his hand, but the hand of Ben Solo. Ren and Rey duel on the fallen death star on Kef Birin , Rey defeats Ren in the lightsaber duel and stabs him in the stomach with her saber. This was caused by Ren having a moment of weakness and being taken back as he heard his mother, Leia speak to him through the force. It took all of Leia’s force power to do this and it caused her death. Rey force healed Ben and left him on Kef Biren . We then see Ben Solo return. He has a force flashback to when he killed his father. Han Solo shows up and the scene from The Force Awakens is reenacted, but this time Ben does the right thing. Ben throws away his lightsaber into the ocean and now heads to assist Rey in killing Palpatine on Exegol. Solo arrives at Exegol and faces the Knights of Ren. Through the force, Rey gives him the SkyWalker lightsaber and he engages in combat with his former allies. He defeats them with ease, and now is alongside Rey facing Palpatine. Palpatine takes away the force power of the both of them and throws Solo away from the scene. Rey rises and uses the power from all of the Jedi she hears from and defeats Palpatine, but it kills her. Solo rises. He makes his way over to Rey and force heals her which brings her back to life. They have a moment and we see the official redemption of Ben Solo. Healing Rey took all of his power which ultimately killed him. We see him die in Rey’s arms and disappear into the force. The story of Ben Solo is one of the most interesting in all of Star Wars. I hope we get to see more of his story and backstory be told maybe through a new series on Disney + in the future.

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