Big Baller Brand

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Article written by Nick Papa

On March 22nd it was announced by ESPN reporter Ramona Shelburne that 2nd year Los Angeles Lakers PG Lonzo Ball has cut ties with a founder of family company Big Baller Brand. Alan foster who owns 16.3% of the company has been dismissed after not adequately accounting for $1.5 million missing from Balls business and personal accounts. Lonzo was quoted as saying “Foster used his access to my business and personal finances to enrich himself.” This weekend Lonzo Ball has conversations with his family to blow up the brand all together. Ball has also deleted all BBB related posts on his IG and even posted a Nike related post on his account. This may be best for Ball to eliminate all distractions (Lavar) from his career. It’s time he takes charge of his own career. The situation with Foster comes as a surprise to many who watch reality show “Ball In The Family” Alan seemed like a good man to many but appearances are deceiving. Even after 10 years Lavar Ball didn’t know that Foster has a criminal record and was arrested for mail fraud and money laundering in which he made over $4 million. No doubt Foster is a big loss for the Ball Family.

Update: Ball has left Big Baller Brand but the company remains as of April 3rd, 2019. It was also announced today that Ball will be suing Alan Foster for around $4 million.

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