Big E the singles star?

Written By Nicolas Papa 7-25-20

It’s been six years since The New Day debuted, they’ve had many accomplishments as a group and Kofi even had a 180 day reign as WWE Champion. As a group they’ve held the Smackdown tag team titles 6 times and in total 8 times. They also had the longest reign as tag champs at 483 days. After six long years fans have been complaining that the New Day are becoming stale and that a change is needed. Many fans have proposed a possible heel turn from a member in the group but they have all said they want to stay together for the rest of their careers. So the change fans have wanted could be coming after unfortunate injuries to Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston. On the July 24th edition of Smackdown Kofi told Big E that he would be out of action for at least 6 weeks. Kofi also told the big man that he wants him to pursue an opportunity to be a singles star while him and Woods are out. For years fans have wanted to see Big E have a singles run but not jeopardize the group as a whole and now he has that opportunity. Big E has become one of the most charismatic wrestlers on the roster with his skills in the ring also standing out. Over the next couple of weeks we could see the start of Big E’s push as a singles wrestler possibly leading up to a match with the Intercontinental Champion AJ Styles. I personally hope to see him in the Universal title picture soon but that seems unlikely with current champ Braun Strowman feuding with the Fiend.

Big E championship accomplishments

  • 2X Raw Tag Team Champion
  • 6X SmackDown Tag Team Champion
  • 1X NXT Champion
  • 1X Intercontinatal Champion

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