Bill Russell


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Article written by Dylan Devine (10/4/20)

This honestly should be a no brainer, but I have seen too many lists and too many people not include Bill Russell in their top five NBA players of all time. There can really be an argument that Russell is the greatest player of all time and there are plenty of people who have that opinion, but I am here to talk about why he was so great and why he is a top five player ever. Big Bill spent 13 years playing for the Boston Celtics from 1956-1969. During his playing career, Russell was apart of 11 championship wins in Boston, was a five time league MVP, and a 12 time all star. The impact he had on the Celtics was unreal. Before Russell came to Boston they had never made a trip to the NBA finals. In two separate seasons he went on a streak of missing a few games, well the Celtics lost every single game he missed even though they still had a lineup that included some future Hall of Fame players. Russell is one of the greatest rebounders in basketball history. In his first full year with the Celtics he became the first NBA player to ever average 20 RPG, which he went on to do in ten of his 13 seasons for the Celtics. Behind Kareem, he holds the record for most rebounds in a single game as he grabbed 51 rebounds in a game. While he may have not been the best offensive player, he still averaged 15.1 PPG in his 13 year playing career. Along with the stats and accolades he had on the court, the affect he had on the game of basketball and on the world may be even more important. Russell is considered a civil rights hero. He was at the famous MLK speech marching and protesting. He was the first African American basketball player to really get recognized. When he began playing in the NBA it was mainly a white man league, but that changed big time by the time his playing career came to an end. He was someone who always stood up for what he believed in and had a big impact on the NBA, the game of basketball in general, and the world. Big Bill will go down as a top five player ever and his legacy will live on forever.

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