Black Panther II


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Article written by Dylan Devine (2/18/21)

At the Disney investor call a few months back we were shown what the future of the MCU looks like. Black Panther II is on the upcoming film schedule and is CURRENTLY set to release on July 8th, 2022. After the tragic loss of Chadwick Boseman, Kevin Feige has stated that they will not be recasting T’Challa in the upcoming movie which is the right way to go. What the plot of the film will be is very up in the air right now due to Boseman’s passing. They need to figure out how to honor his legacy, but also continue the story of the beloved Black Panther character. An earlier report said that filming for Black Panther II will begin in July of 2021 and go on for six months, but with COVID we don’t know if that truly will occur or not. Today I am going to get into my theories on what they could do in Black Panther II.

Multiverse Erik Killmonger will take over as Black Panther

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This is my biggest idea/theory for Black Panther II. The multiverse will definitely be open by the time this movie releases. What they could do is have the multiverse be open and have an Erik Killmonger from another universe come in and take over as Black Panther. Have him grow up being a good guy, or even have him be the Black Panther from his universe and just come into the MCU universe and take over as our version of Black Panther. I think this would be DOPE. Is it the most likely scenario? No. But I think having Michael B. Jordan return as Killmonger and take the throne as Black Panther would be really cool. Jordan has even said in the past that he would love to reprise his role so they could for sure make this work.

Shuri will not take over as Black Panther

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I know a lot of fans believe and are hopeful Shuri will take the throne and become the new Black Panther. I just don’t see this happening. I understand why it would happen and understand why people want it to happen, but I am just not buying it. Black Panther is a warrior. Shuri is not a warrior. Will she have a more prominent role in Black Panther II? Yes. I just do not see her taking the role of Black Panther.

Namor The Submariner will be the villian

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Namor The Submariner is IMO the best and most likely option for the villain of Black Panther II. Namor is basically a villain version of DC’s Aquaman. He has history with Wakanda which is what leads me to believe he will be the main villain. In a crossover storyline between the Avengers and the X-Men in comics, Namor flooded Wakanda using the power of Phoenix Force. On another occasion he lied to Thanos which basically led to Thanos destroying Wakanda in his search for Infinity Stones. Namor’s second most popular rivalry is with Black Panther, so I think it would be fitting to have him be the villain.

X-Men introduction?

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I really hope Black Panther II is where we get introduced to the X-Men in the MCU. Maybe the X-Men/mutants are located at a hidden location? Krakoa? It has been done before where there is an unlocated location in the MCU with Wakanda. Maybe Krakoa could be where the X-Men have been this whole time. Shuri and Wakanda have the technology and are smart enough to be able to locate it. I think it would be awesome to end Black Panther II on a cliffhanger with whoever takes over as Black Panther finding Krakoa or an X-Men member. Maybe even in a post credits scene.

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