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Article written by Dylan Devine (1/4/21)

Jaylen Brown has been the story of the Boston Celtics so far this season. I wrote an article back in 2019 about Jaylen Brown’s $115M contract extension and why he was worth every penny of that contract. So many people disagreed with me and I had a lot of debates over this topic. It looks like I was right all along. JB has improved every season of his career since being drafted in 2016 and was just short of being an all-star last season. It looks like this season will be his first as an all-star.

Brown is currently ranked fifth in the league for PPG averaging 28.0. He put up a career high 42 points on 15-21 shooting on December 30th against the Memphis Grizzlies. The players ahead of JB in PPG don’t have the efficiency or FG% that he does as he is ahead of all of them shooting 59.8 from the floor. He has had three 30+ point games so far this season and is becoming one of the most elite scorers in the NBA. Averaging 42.5% from behind the arc he has yet again improved his three point shooting. Along with all of these stats JB is arguably the best two way wing in the league. Jaylen Brown is currently the best player on the Celtics over Tatum IMO. If he keeps playing the way he is right now, he has the potential to make both all-NBA teams and will without a doubt be an all-star. The Celtics really are the future of the NBA with the duo of Tatum and Brown.

Article from 2019 on Brown’s contract : Jaylen Brown – The Sport Scoops

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