Cam Newton Re-Signing


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Article written by Dylan Devine (3/12/21)

This morning it was announced that QB Cam Newton is re-signing with the New England Patriots on a one year deal worth $14M. This announcement is getting mixed reactions all over social media and has left some Patriots fans confused. Newton didn’t have a great first season in New England and at the beginning of this off-season it was said it was likely that Newton and the Pats would be parting ways. Well as of right now that is not the case.

What a lot of fans have not realized/looked into, is what his deal is actually worth. The $14M contract that he is now on is said to be very heavy on incentives. Basically this means how he gets paid, depends on his performance. If this upcoming season goes well for Cam, he’ll get his $14M. Otherwise, he’ll be getting much less than that. There are some more options and possibilities with this situation/re-signing then some fans are thinking of. Bringing Newton back gives New England plenty of options going into this season.

Option one is keeping Newton for the next season as their starter to solidify their plan for the next year. Cam didn’t have a great first season in New England as he only threw eight passing touchdowns and threw ten interceptions. He did do well rushing wise though. Rushed for 592 yards and 12 touchdowns. He has made some great relationships with everyone on the team and is now familiar with the Patriots way of play and their playbook. Keeping him around for one more season isn’t the worst option for New England.

Option two. Where he’s on just a one year deal, it is very flexible. New England could upgrade and trade Newton to another team that is interested in him. Jimmy Garoppolo is a QB that has been rumored to be on the Patriots radar this off-season. He was said to be New England’s “Plan A” for their QB situation. I believe New England could still somehow acquire Jimmy G from San Francisco and bring him back in as their QB1. A deal for Garoppolo would likely have to include Newton and some draft picks, but we’ll have to just wait and see if the Patriots will pull this off.

Option three. Keeping Newton for the next season to be the veteran for a rookie QB the Patriots draft. Anything can happen on draft night. The Patriots currently have the 15th pick in this years NFL Draft. Most experts/mock drafts have them taking QB Mac Jones out of Alabama with the 15th pick. I personally love this option for New England as I believe Jones is the perfect young QB for New England. 4,500 passing yards and 41 passing touchdowns on 77.4 completion percentage in his 2020 season. Those are crazy numbers. Keeping Newton around to teach a young QB like Jones the playbook amongst other things would be a perfect plan and is the most realistic option for the Patriots IMO.

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