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Discussing The Patriots Signing of QB Cam Newton

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Article written by Dylan Devine (7/8/20)

After the loss of arguably the greatest QB of all time Tom Brady the Patriots were left with basically an empty spot at the QB position. They had 2019 draft pick Jared Stidham but that was it. In the 2020 off-season the Patriots yet again signed veteran QB Brian Hoyer and it was then expected either Stidham or Hoyer would be the Patriots starting QB this coming season. Everyone was counting New England out and they justifiably weren’t even being considered a playoff caliber team. This all changed on June 28th when Adam Schefter announced the Patriots would be signing former Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton to a one year deal. This was a game changer for the Patriots and the whole NFL. New England went from having practically no QB to having lets not forget, a former first overall draft pick, league offensive player of the year, and a former NFL league MVP in 2015 when he brought the Panthers to the Super Bowl. This signing changed everything. Bringing in Newton was a fantastic decision by New England. Signing him to a cheap one year deal was a steal in my opinion. Newton is hungrier than ever after not being brought back by Carolina and being doubted by the rest of the league. He has a great and explosive play style and I believe he’ll excel under Josh McDaniels. Let’s talk about Cam’s MVP season in 2015 real quick because people seem to have forgotten how good he truly was. His passing completion percentage was 59.8%. An average of 7.8 yards per pass. 3,387 passing yards. 35 passing touchdowns. Rushing he had a total of ten touchdowns, and 636 yards. He led the Panthers to the Super Bowl with a record of 15-1. I have a feeling N’Keal Harry and Newton are gonna be a great duo. Newton played with a big body receiver in Kelvin Benjamin for years in Carolina and was his favorite target. He now has Julian Edelman, N’Keal Harry, Mohamed Sanu, and Marquise Lee to pass too along with a great group of RB’s. I don’t believe that the Patriots are a Super Bowl caliber team, but I truly believe they could make a deep run in the playoffs with the team they have and if Newton plays how a lot of people think he’ll play. It is going to be very interesting and fun to see how the Patriots do in their first year without Tom Brady. This season can’t come around soon enough.

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