Conor Mcgregor

Conor McGregor causes mayhemcm.jpgOn April 4th Conor McGregor and his entourage stormed into Barclays Center at the end of a UFC 223 media event unannounced. A little while after arriving McGregor began throwing things around before attacking a UFC bus with fighters on it. Right as the bus was about to leave, McGregor picked up and threw a dolly through a window and multiple chairs at the bus. Flyweight division fighter Ray Borg and Lightweight division fighter Michael Chiesa both sustained injuries because of the window glass being broken. Both fighters along with McGregor’s training partner, Artem Lobov were moved from tomorrow night’s PPV which meant three fights were removed from the card. As for McGregor, following the incident NYPD put a warrant out for his arrest and would not allow his plane to leave New York. McGregor turned himself in late Thursday night and was charged with one felony of criminal mischief and three misdemeanor counts of assault, his bail was placed at $50k. UFC President Dana White stated that McGregor showed no remorse after the attack and said “This is the most disgusting thing that has ever happened in the history of the company.” Due to the very childish move McGregor made by doing what he did, he is going to be facing major punishment by the UFC. Along with the fighters who were injured pressing charges against him, and possibly losing sponsorships he currently has. This was a very poor and inmature thing for McGregor to do and is going to going to have a very negative effect on his career.

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