Daniel Bryan’s Future

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Article written by Dylan McGuire Devine (5/28/21)

Daniel Bryan’s free agency is one of the most talked about and intriguing stories in wrestling right now. His contract expired with the WWE a few months ago and he has been a free agent since. Being a free agent means he could show up in any wrestling company at any time. Will it be AEW? NJPW? Retirement? Nobody knows. I truly believe Bryan will not be going back to the WWE at this time as he has done everything there is to do in that company. I will be discussing the different possibilities/options for where Bryan could end up.

Option one which I believe is the most obvious possibility would be AEW. AEW is a company that has given past WWE talent new opportunities and made them stars. Cody Rhodes, Jon Moxley, Brodie Lee, Chris Jericho, and Pac just to name a few. If Bryan ultimately decides to go to AEW I believe right away he’ll be inserted into the main event picture. There isn’t one guy in AEW that I think would be a bad opponent for Bryan. Having matches with guys like Jericho, Omega, Moxley, Rhodes, Scorpio Sky, or even Jungle boy would be fantastic. The thing that I really enjoy with AEW is the wrestling. I feel like WWE is more of a storyline driven company. Don’t get me wrong, they have some great wrestlers and performers. But I personally think AEW is currently the better pure wrestling show. Plus there are practically no cheesy or corny storyline’s like the WWE has. Bryan is a WRESTLER and one of the greatest ever. I think the wrestling that AEW puts on could really attract Bryan to join the company.

NJPW is option two, but I really don’t think that will happen. Never say never in wrestling, but I don’t think there is much for Bryan to do in NJPW.

The last possibility we could see is that Bryan ultimately decides to retire from wrestling. He is 40 years old and has a growing family. He has been wrestling for pretty much all of his life and has accomplished pretty much everything there is to accomplish. If he retires, I would not be surprised. Maybe he could even pursue a backstage/management type of position. The odds of him retiring are low IMO. I really think he is still hungry and ready to continue to prove that he is one of the greatest to ever do it. Going to a company like AEW and doing big things there would be awesome for Bryan and his legacy. AEW’s yearly PPV, Double or Nothing is this weekend. Could we see Bryan debut at this show? I believe that is a real possibility, but we’ll just have to wait and see where Bryan ends up.

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