Defending the Sequels


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Article written by Dylan Devine (10/21/20)

The recent Star Wars sequel trilogy has gotten mixed reactions from fans. There are a lot of people who love the sequels, a lot of people who are okay with the sequels, and a lot of people have said the sequels made them lose their love for Star Wars. Today I will be talking about my opinion on the three sequel films and defending each of them individually explaining why they are great Star Wars movies. Everyone has the right to have an opinion, and today I will be discussing mine.


Yes JJ Abrams somewhat made this feel like a second version of A New Hope, but it was a good movie nonetheless. We were introduced to all of the new sequel trilogy characters. Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron, and Kylo Ren. We saw familiar faces such as Han Solo, Princess Leia Organa, Chewbacca, and then Luke Skywalker at the end of the film. The story arc of all the characters began and the two best arcs had to be Rey and Kylo Ren’s. Rey was introduced as a scavenger from Jakku. We ended up seeing that she was force sensitive and powerful with the force, but we didn’t know how or who she really was. This left fans wondering what her lineage was and setup the future films. Kylo Ren is introduced as the son of Han and Leia. He is formerly known as Ben Solo. We got one of the most important and emotional scenes in all of the Skywalker saga with Ren facing his father and ultimately killing him. Ren encounters Rey and Finn and engages in a lightsaber duel with the two of them which was a pretty decent duel. It doesn’t quite holdup to the duels we got in the prequels, but it was still well done. At the end of the film, Rey goes and finds Luke Skywalker. She confronts him although no words were said and now it was time to wait until episode eight to see what was next. The Force Awakens did a great job at kicking off the sequels.


This really is going to be a hot take, but I personally love The Last Jedi. I believe that the reason that so many fans dislike this movie and gave it backlash is because it wasn’t what they were expecting it to be. All of the theories for who Snoke was and what Rey’s lineage was were wrong which aggravated fans. The fact that Rey’s parents were said to be basically nobodies triggered people because they wanted their theories to come true. God for bid someone takes some risk in the Star Wars universe and that is exactly what Rian Johnson did in this film. I somewhat agree with most fans that the treatment of Luke Skywalker could have been done better, but I don’t hate how he was presented. The cinematography in this film is amazing. The story telling is great. Every single moment in The Last Jedi MATTERS and contributes to the story. We were given IMO two of the best scenes in all of Star Wars with the throne room fight scene where Ren kills Snoke then teams up with Rey to take down his guards, then Kylo Ren taking on the force projection of Luke on Crait. I will forever defend this film and Rian Johnson. It 100% does not deserve the hate that it gets.


Honestly this is one of my favorite Star Wars movies. It’s in my top five. Just like almost all of the films, there are a few things I would have done differently but I still loved it and think it was a great ending to the Skywalker saga. Another film that Star Wars movie that I don’t think deserves the hate that it gets. It isn’t a bad movie. The story is great and it’s a beautiful film. We got some of the best scenes in all of Star Wars again out of a sequel movie. The return of Lando, the redemption of Ben Solo, the whole galaxy coming to the aid of Poe and the resistance in the final battle, and all of the Jedi speaking to Rey. Now hear me out. I think it was a good decision having Rey call herself a Skywalker to end the saga. I do understand why this upset fans and why so many people disagree with this decision. Here’s my take. Rey could have called herself anything. She didn’t want to take the name of her grandfather before her, Emperor Palpatine for obvious reasons. She chose to take the name of her heroes and her two masters, the Skywalker name. She deserves to be able to call herself a Skywalker. Rey achieved what no other Jedi before her could do. She brought balance to the force. Now the Skywalker name will be passed on and remembered in the Star Wars universe for generations to come.

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