Double Champ Keith Lee has changed the NXT landscape

Written by Nicolas Papa/7-9-20

On July 8th at NXT Great American Bash NXT North American Champion Keith Lee defeated Adam Cole to win the NXT Championship. Lee defeated Cole in a match where Cole hit his signature moves multiple times but it wasn’t enough to put away NXT’s first simultaneous North American & NXT Champion. So what does Keith Lees new double champion status mean for the NXT brand? Here are 3 bold predictions.

  1. The undisputed Era could be heading for the main roster soon. Yes after 3 long years of title reigns and dominance on the NXT brand it looks to me like The UE could finally be heading to the main roster. It makes sense as the UE have no business left in NXT. They did everything they possibly could and its time for them to be dominant on the main roster.
  2. Keith Lee won’t make it past the next takeover event as double champ. It’s just unrealistic to think that Keith Lee will enter and leave the next NXT Takeover as double champ. I think seeing someone being a double champion is great but the momentum usually fades fast and at least one of the titles is lost within a month or two. When Keith Lee became double champ the cameras panned over to Karrion Kross in the crowd and its looks to me like HHH is strapping the rocket to him. I guarantee Kross will walk away with at least one piece of NXT gold after SummerSlam weekend at the expense of Keith Lee. At least Keith Lee will get to say that he was both NXT North American & NXT Champion at the same time.
  3. Great Matches. This one isn’t really a bold prediction. NXT has become known for being the best pure wrestling in WWE over the past few years. With Keith Lee holding both titles for now I expect to see him defending against any & all challengers. Lee never disappoints in the ring and with his charisma outside the ring it will be fun to watch. Rematches against guys like Finn Balor, Johnny Gargano, & Damian Priest are an exciting prospect for all wrestling fans. Let’s hope Lee could keep delivering the magic that made him a double champ.

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