Finn Deserved Better


Article written by Dylan Devine (1/20/21)

Finn is arguably the most mistreated character in all of the Star Wars sequel movies. Not using his character to his full potential was such a missed opportunity and it’s mind boggling how they messed this up. The story/arc we could’ve gotten of a former storm trooper turned Jedi Knight would have been SO awesome. It is something we have never seen or heard of in the Star Wars universe.

Finn was initially introduced as a stormtrooper gone rogue in The Force Awakens. His stormtrooper name was FN-2187, but after meeting Poe Dameron he from there on out was known as Finn. A stormtrooper gone rogue. Disobeyed his orders and left the First Order and helped/joined the Resistance. We have never heard of something like that in Star Wars. It was so unique and different. That’s the problem with the sequels, is that other then some of episode eight all of the movies just took the safe route. They didn’t do anything different from the original trilogy other then add some new characters and that is where they messed up IMO. Finn had the potential to be one of the most unique and awesome characters in all of Star Wars but after The Force Awakens he basically just became another guy in the Resistance.

This is how I would have done it. Make Finn the main protagonist of the sequel trilogy. Basically have the roles of him and Rey switch, but have Rey still be a prominent and important character. In Force Awakens he would have had pretty much the same arc with Finn going rogue and leaving the First Order to assist and join the Resistance. Mid way through the movie when he was with Han and Chewbacca I would have shown him begin to realize he was connected to the force similar to how it happened in The Rise of Skywalker. As the movie goes on his connection with the force would continue to get stronger and he would be given the Skywalker lightsaber from Leia to bring to Luke on Ahch-To so he could begin his training as a Jedi. I would keep the whole scene with Rey and Finn facing off against Kylo Ren but Finn would not have been beaten so easily. He would have put up more of a fight against Kylo. Not using much technique with his lightsaber, but more just fighting with it and using it as a weapon. The Force Awakens would have ended the same, with Finn giving Luke his lightsaber to begin his Jedi training.

The next two films in the sequel trilogy Finn would have gotten stronger and stronger with the force. Luke would have trained him on Ahch-To similar to how Yoda trained Luke on Dagobah. Once Finn finished his training with Luke he would go to face off with Kylo once again in a sequence similar to the throne room fight in The Last Jedi. He would be beaten and humbled by Kylo. The Resistance would lose to the First Order and we would be led into episode nine.

Obviously there would be a complete name change for episode nine, and I’m going to go with Collin Trevorrow’s original name for the film. Duel of the Fates. The Resistance would be recovering and beginning to make plans to take down the First Order. Finn would go back to Ahch-To and further his training with Luke to face off and attempt to take down Kylo Ren once again. It is canon that Snoke had another apprentice before Kylo. Finn and Kylo would duel, determining the fate of Kylo Ren/Ben Solo which is why the name of the movie would have been Duel of the Fates. After finding out Snoke had another apprentice all along, Kylo would have turned back to the light side and been redeemed. Now known as Ben Solo once again, Finn and Ben would face off against Snoke’s other apprentice. Ultimately defeating him/her and bringing balance to the force. Finn and Ben would be the last two Jedi’s known in the galaxy. The film would end on a good note and a perfect way to end the Skywalker saga with the two of them beginning to search the galaxy for other Jedi’s or force sensitive children to begin a new Jedi order.

I know this is a bit out there and I could have done this a bit differently, but this is what I would have done differently with Finn. Gabe and I will be putting out content in the future on how we would change the entire sequel trilogy so stay tuned for that. Thank you for checking out this article! May the force be with you.

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