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              Best Available Free Agents




Clint Capela – Houston Rockets Center Clint Capela had a great 2018 season averaging (13.9 PPG) , (10.8 RPG) , and finished second in the league for blocks per game averaging (1.9). It has been reported that Capela is upset with how his contract negotiations are going with Houston.


Marcus Smart – Smart is one of the most underrated players in the NBA. He has proven in Boston that his talents go way beyond just the stat line and he would be a great fit for any team.


Rodney Hood – Hood struggled after being traded to the Cavaliers before the trade deadline, but before he was moved to Cleveland he averaged (16.8 PPG) and (1.7 APG) with the Utah Jazz.



Dwayne Wade – He is getting up there in age and his athletisism has slowly been seeing a decline, but last season he proved that he still could be a great off the bench playmaker. If Wade decides to play another season it is very likely that he stays in Miami.


Greg Monroe – Last season coming off the bench on the Celtics Monroe averaged (10.3 PPG) AND (6.9 RPG) which is pretty solid for a bench player. He is not a great defensive player which lowers his value but he could be a good bench player for any team in need of another big man.


Michael Beasley – Beasley averaged (13.2 PPG) , (1.7 APG) , and (5.6 RPG) while shooting 50.7 percent from the field last season. He would be a highly productive offensive player on any team.


Honorable Mentions 

Nick Young

Jamaal Crawford 

Joe Johnson

Trevor Booker




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