How to Debut Daniel Bryan in AEW

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Article written by Dylan McGuire Devine (8/27/21)

It has been rumored for awhile now that Daniel Bryan is heading to AEW and already has a contract in place with the company. After the arrival of CM Punk in AEW, it is hard to even fathom the fact that they are landing another talent like Bryan. It is not yet confirmed when Bryan will debut in AEW or what he will be doing, but in this article I am going to talk about my fantasy booking for how AEW should set up his debut.

Bryan is one of the greatest wrestlers of all-time and is one of the most popular WWE superstars ever. His run leading into WrestleMania 30 is one of the most unforgettable storylines there has ever been. He has consistently proven over his 20+ year career that he can make anything he is given work. He could put a good match on with a broomstick. With the unlimited talent that AEW has, the possibilities are endless for matchups. But to introduce him into the company, I would set him up in a storyline with MJF.

MJF is currently feuding with Chris Jericho and the storyline is reaching it’s climax in two weeks at the All Out PPV. If MJF defeats Jericho, Jericho has stated that he will never wrestle in AEW again. Honestly, this match could go either way. I could see them having MJF beat Jericho and have Jericho take a bit of a hiatus for awhile to let all the new incoming talent get their time, but I could also see Jericho beating MJF and continuing to be on AEW weekly. But to go with my booking idea for Bryan, I’m going to have MJF defeat Jericho at All Out.

Knowing MJF, if he defeats Jericho at All Out we’re never going to hear the end of it. He is going to come out and cut promos about how he ended a legends AEW in ring career and how he is 4-0 against Jericho. During one of these promos, I would have MJF refer to being better than everyone or something along those lines. After he starts getting booed by the fans and is provoking people backstage, out comes Daniel Bryan. Have MJF and Bryan start going back and forth on the mic which leads to MJF end up exiting the ring yelling at Bryan about how he is better than him. MJF goes backstage and Bryan is left alone in the ring. The fans start chanting “Yes! Yes! Yes!” and Bryan exits the ring with a full crowd behind him.

MJF and Bryan would work very well together. Having Bryan start off in AEW as a top face in the company going up against arguably the biggest heel in the company would be perfect. I’m not too sure on the timetable of when Bryan would debut or when these two would have a match together, but I assume Bryan will be debuting a bit after All Out. I personally would have him debut at the “AEW Dynamite : Grand Slam” event at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens, NY. That way he would have a huge crowd just like Punk did for his debut. I’m not 100% sure, but I have a very strong feeling we will be seeing Bryan in AEW come mid September/early October. The future of AEW is so bright and with all the talent they already have and the incoming talent they have coming in, they are going to be the top company in professional wrestling real soon

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