Jordan’s NBA Power Rankings




  1. LA Clippers- Defense wins championships and they have the best defensive team in the NBA plus two elite scorers.
  2. LA Lakers- Lebron and Anthony Davis. When you have those two guys on any team it’s almost impossible to be beaten, but it is the back end of their bench that raises questions.
  3. Houston Rockets- Two MVP caliber players capable of dropping 50 on any night, in their prime, with a craving for a ring,  earns a top 3 position. 
  4. Portland Trailblazers- They got a lot deeper in the offseason by adding Whiteside, an all star caliber player, who will be vital for them down the line.
  5. Utah Jazz- They had arguably the two sneakiest but best offseason moves. Mike Conley became almost a forgotten name after being a 30 million per year guy, plus Bojan Bogdanovich was the only reason the Pacers could contend with Oladipo hurt. 
  6. Philadelphia 76ers-  Their overall chemistry should be better. They are the thing standing in front of themselves. Tobias Harris and Ben Simmons need to be more consistent playoff time. Plus Ben Simmons needs to learn to shoot, its utterly ridiculous and embarrassing. They do have top 3 potential but lack the real work ethic not on Instagram stories. 
  7. Denver Nuggets-Without MPJ they don’t get past a top threat. With a 80 percent healthy MPJ, they are better then Houston.
  8. Golden State Warriors- They won a ring prior to KD, brought in a rapidly developing D-Lo, and had very good under the radar moves like bringing in Willie Cauley Stein and Omari Spellman. Still think they would loose to Philly in a 7 game because of being well undersized. 
  9. Milwaukee Bucks- I am sorry but they are over rated. MVP, COY, they all get mega hype but in most cases they aren’t true. If they were LeBron would have won 5 MVPs by now and Dwayne Casey wouldn’t have been fired last year. So, I don’t care they have the “MVP” or won the most games last year because they got worse than last year after loosing in the ECF when they had Brogdon and Mirotic.
  10. Boston Celtics- Yes they lost Kyrie and Horford but they had a strong draft, signed Kemba/ Kanter and could have the best forward trio in basketball with Hayward progressing from injury and Tatum/ Brown maturing. 
  11. Toronto Raptors- Nick Nurse is a great coach and they have 3 arguable all star caliber players in their starting lineup, plus they get a healthy OG Anunoby. They will stay play hard but they lost one of the top 3 players in the league. 
  12. San Antonio Spurs-  They create something out of nothings and they actually have real somethings this year. Lonnie Walker IV balled out in SL, They hit on draft pick Keldon Johnson, and Dejounte Murray is back. Oh plus they have two all stars and the best coach in the NBA.  
  13. New Orleans Pelicans- I mean they got a kings ransom for AD. IF Lonzo, Ingram, and Zion can all develop along with the veteran additions of Redick and Favors, something serious is cooking in NOLA. 
  14. Sacramento Kings- Their young guys really came to life last year and it should be exciting to see what Fox, Hield, and more playing time for Bagley III has in store. 
  15.  Brooklyn Nets- Even though no KD, they still have Kyrie and that alone along with some nice pieces like LaVert and Dinwiddie will put them in contention for a possible playoff upset and a crack at facing a top dawg in the East. 
  16. Miami Heat- Tyler Hero is wet, the kid torched SL. Dragic is consistent, and Jimmy Butler will command respect/aid the development of Adebayo. They always play tough. 
  17. Indiana Pacers- I am not sure how healthy Dipo is gonna be but bringing in a former ROY in Brogdon juices up that front court and sets ups a serious 1-2 punch. 
  18. Atlanta Hawks- If they hit on anther draft pick in a big way, Atlanta may be a top 3 team in the East next year. Due to depth concern and rookie questions we keep them here.
  19. Oklahoma City Thunder-  Even with CP3 they are kinda ran down, they have like 150 first round picks in the next 3 drafts, things will get better here but not for some time. 
  20. Dallas Mavericks- KP and Luca will probably be the most fluid and codependent 1-2 duo we will see in the NBA. They compliment each other perfectly at an elite level, the rest of the team just lacks talent. 
  21. Minnesota Timberwolves- This team is a really sad story. They are like the Wizards of the West. They have loads of talent but can’t win on a consistent basis. Until their core of Wiggins and KAT truly mature they stay subservient to the powers of the West.
  22. Detroit Pistons-  This team lacks juice. They got D rose who will be a nice fit but a big time two or three guard stands in their way of contention.
  23. Phoenix Suns- This team has real talent on it. Booker and Ayton are just as good as a duo as you will see in the NBA. However this team just can’t string together wins, hopefully with a better PG in Rubio and a different coaching staff with Monty Williams they can get things going here. 
  24. Washington Wizards- Beal is a franchise player. Isaiah Thomas will average over 15 a game, things will be bad but they aren’t out of reach for the 8th seed.
  25. Memphis Grizzlies- This team lacks depth, consistency, but not juice. They have the building blocks in place for a great team in Morant and Jackson Jr. 
  26. Orlando Magic- Two words that both capsulate the Orlando Magic’s upcoming season. Lifeless and Markelle Fultz. I’m sorry but DJ Augistin as a starting PG doesn’t cut it. This team is lifeless but they have one of the most intriguing cases maybe ever in sports. If Fultz is healthy the Magic can jump as high as 17. 
  27. New York Knicks- I mean Julius Randle could be an all star, they drafted RJ Barrett, and have a like 200 million dollar bench. So, just let the young guys develop and we will see where we are in 2 years. 
  28. Chicago Bulls- They have pieces here, but not enough of them and frankly, I think questionable coaching. If Lavine gets hurt they are the worst team in basketball. 
  29. Charlotte Hornets- I am interested to see if Rozier can be a legit starting PG and if Monk or Bridges will pan out to be more then 9 PPG players. Being said they have a team full of 9 PPG players and that doesn’t cut it. 
  30. Cleveland Cavaliers- I mean it’s self explanatory. They need anything they can get besides a guard, your not in good shape when your best 3 players are two young point guards and a PF who you should trade. 
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