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Article written by Dylan Devine (10/12/20)


At Disney’s 2019 D23 event it was announced that we would be getting an Obi-Wan Kenobi series exclusively on Disney+. For years fans have lobbied for a movie about Kenobi to see what he was up to after the events of Revenge of the Sith up until A New Hope. We got some books in legends that got into this, but nothing too serious. For such a long time it was rumored we would be getting some sort of spinoff movie about Kenobi and the actor who played the beloved prequels character, Ewan McGregor expressed his interest in reprising his role as Kenobi many times over the years which just teased fans. So fans were rightfully ecstatic when it was finally announced we would be getting this series. The series will likely have a similar setup to what The Mandalorian has been but it will focus on telling the story of Obi-Wan Kenobi and what he was going through after the events of Episode III.


We will see Kenobi struggle with his mental health

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Kenobi has been through a lot in his lifetime and that is not talked about enough. He watched his Master get killed in front of him by Darth Maul, the one woman he ever loved died in his arms at the hands of Maul, the events of order 66, and most of all watching his Padawan who was like a brother to him turn to the darkside and having to defeat him in a lightsaber duel. I think we’re going to see Kenobi really struggle with demons and PTSD.

Flashback scenes

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It has been rumored that Hayden Christensen will be reprising his role as Anakin Skywalker in the Kenobi series. I think what this means is that we’ll be seeing an emotional Kenobi having flashback scenes about his former bestfriend/younger brother figure and the times they had together. I specifically think we’ll see live action moments from things that happened during The Clone Wars. We will see both of them in their different outfits from The Clone Wars. It has also been rumored that Temuera Morrison will be reprising his role as Commander Cody who was a close ally of Kenobi, so we might be seeing him in some flashback scenes as well.

Visions of Darth Vader

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I think during the time frame that this series will likely be set in, Kenobi definitely had visions of Vader and could feel him in the force. I believe Kenobi will have visions of Vader hunting down other Jedi who survived order 66, or maybe we’ll even see the two of them somehow connect through the force when Vader is in his meditation chamber.

Watching over a young Luke and Leia

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Another rumor surrounding this series is that they are looking to cast a young Luke and Leia. Kenobi would have been an uncle figure to the two of them had Anakin and Padme survived and had the events of Episode III not occurred. He obviously cares for the both of them very much as they are the children of someone who was like a brother to him. He made sure they both were in the hands of good people, and could be hidden from Vader. It’s rumored most of the series will take place on Tattoine which means we should for sure see a young Luke in the series, but I’m not sure how we’ll see Leia as she lived on Alderaan. Maybe we’ll see Kenobi go visit Alderaan and see how she is doing from the shadows, or we will see him interact with the non biological father of Leia, Bail Organa.

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