Live Action Spider-Verse?


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Article written by Dylan Devine and Tyler Devine (10/9/20)

Yesterday it was confirmed that Benedict Cumberbatch would be reprising his role as Doctor Strange in Spider-Man 3. Along with this, it was confirmed last week that Jamie Foxx would be reprising his role as Electro for the upcoming Spider-Man film. This left fans wondering if this meant we would be finally getting a live action Spider-Verse in the MCU as Foxx’s Electro character was featured in Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man, not Tom Holland’s. In this article Tyler and I will be exploring the possibility of a live action Spider-Verse, how it could happen, and how we think they should approach it.

Introduce a live action Miles Morales – Dylan

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I am a HUGE Miles Morales fan. I have stated in the past that I believe that he is the best Spider-Man, but that’s a topic for another time. We know Morales exists in the MCU as we saw his Uncle, Aaron Davis in Spider-Man Homecoming refer to Miles when he encountered Spidey in the movie. If we’re talking about casting Morales, I firmly believe that ‘Stranger Things’ star Caleb McLaughlin would be the best option. Another option could be Jharrel Jerome from ‘When They See Us’, but I think McLaughlin is the more realistic option. Morales teaming up with the rest of the Spider-Man characters in live action form would be so much fun and we really hope to see it.

The Sinister Six – Dylan and Tyler

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We think that Marvel officially introducing the Sinister Six in the MCU is very ideal for Spider-Man 3. We’ve already seen Mysterio, Vulture, and Scorpion. Now that Foxx is confirmed to be reprising his role as Electro that makes four. We think the five and six spot could be filled by Kraven the Hunter and maybe Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin, or Rhyno. We’ll have to wait and see what villains are in Spider-Man 3 which will hopefully revolve around the Spider-Verse, but these characters are the ones we are hoping to see. We loved the series ‘Daredevil’ and think it would be awesome to see Vincent D’Onofrio reprise his role as Kingpin/Wilson Fisk. Along with this, we were big fans of the film ‘Venom’ and believe it is very underrated. If Sony and Marvel could somehow include Tom Hardy’s Venom in this upcoming film, that would be amazing.

Bring back all the past Spider-Man’s – Dylan and Tyler

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If they’re really going to do a live action Spider-Verse it would just make sense for Marvel to collaborate with Sony as they have been and bring back past Spider-Man actors Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield for the film. I think that along with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, and maybe Miles Morales they would all work together to fight off the Sinister Six as one Spidey likely wouldn’t be enough.

Doctor Strange teams up with the Spider-Man crew – Dylan

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This one is likely but I figured I should still talk about it. With Benedict Cumberbatch confirmed to be reprising his role as Doctor Strange in the upcoming Spider-Man film, we all are hoping that this leads to him opening up the Spider-Verse. I feel like along with opening up the Spider-Verse, Strange will be teaming up with the Spider-Man crew to help take down the sinister six and will also be helping fix the multiverse and bring everything back to normal.

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