Mandalorian Finale Theories : Is Luke Skywalker the Jedi?


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Article written by Dylan Devine (12/16/20)

We are just two days away from the season two finale of the hit Star Wars show, The Mandalorian. It has been a fantastic season with so many different surprises and adventures. They have perfectly set up the plot going into the season finale. Everyone is on the edge of their seat waiting to see what’s next. Today I will be giving some of my theories as to what will be going down in the season two finale.

*DISCLAIMER* I have zero clue what will actually happen in the season finale. I am just an enthusiastic Star Wars fan giving my thoughts and theories based on what we have seen so far.

*SIDE NOTE* What an episode chapter 15 was. The character arc and redemption of Mayfield, and seeing Din remove his helmet. What a moment that was. Din hesitated at the control panel because he was going to have to choose between honoring his creed or saving Grogu. As he decided to remove his helmet off, Din went against everything he used to stand for. Although the Mandalorian’s gave him a home, he never truly had a family. Din knew all too well what it is like to lose your family and he was not about to abandon his son (Grogu). Beautifully done.

Check out my previous Mandalorian theories article published prior to this season to see what I got right and what I was wrong about! Mandalorian Season Two Theories – The Sport Scoops

Din and Moff Gideon will duel. Darksaber vs. Beskar spear.

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I think this is one theory that is almost guaranteed to happen. Din is coming with his crew to get back Grogu. He is going to do whatever it takes to get him back and Gideon is going to do whatever it takes to not lose Grogu. We have not seen the Darksaber in action yet but I think this episode we will see Gideon yield it in a duel with Mando. Maybe even defeating Mando with it at the end of the episode leading to the tease for next season leaving us on a crazy cliff hanger going into season three.

Boba Fett will die a heroic death risking his life to save the crew or Grogu.

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This season we got the triumphant return of Boba Fett. He lives! He has joined Mando’s crew to help return Grogu to him. Such a beloved and bad ass characters from the original trilogy died *we thought* a very lame death by accidentally getting pushed into a sarlacc pit. But he obviously escaped and lived on to the time period we are witnessing on The Mandalorian. I think Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau brought Fett back to give him a proper death. Don’t get me wrong, I want to see Fett continue to be apart of this story and the crew with Din but I don’t see him surviving the season finale. He is going to die a heroic death saving Grogu or the whole crew.

Mandalorian will be given the Slave One or will take it over in honor of Boba Fett.

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Small quick theory. Din lost the razor crest to an explosion in chapter 14 leaving him with no ship. If Fett ultimately does die in the season finale, I think Mando will be the new owner of the beloved Slave One ship.

Luke Skywalker is the Jedi.

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I previously went over my thoughts on who the possible Jedi’s could be that will answer Grogu’s call through the force in an article here : Who Could The Jedi Be? – The Sport Scoops . I really think and hope that the Jedi who comes into The Mandalorian is Luke Skywalker. It makes the most sense. During this time Luke is traveling the galaxy exploring and looking for ancient Sith and Jedi artifacts and is beginning to start his new Jedi Academy. I think whatever Jedi shows up will not be seen until the end of the episode as we will get a cliff hanger for season three, so I’m thinking maybe we’ll see Luke in his black outfit at the stone on Tython where Grogu reached out into the force. We could even see him on some other planet feeling Grogu reach out through the force and getting ready to go and find him. I am so excited to see who the Jedi will be. I will be ecstatic with whoever it is as I am very fond of all of the rumored Jedi’s that it could be with Cal Kestis or Ezra Bridger being possibilities as well.

The reveal of Grand Admiral Thrawn?

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I think this one is the least likely to happen. I believe they are saving the reveal of Thrawn for the Ahsoka series, but I also feel that it is possible that Moff Gideon is serving Thrawn and we will see that revealed in the finale.

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