McGregor vs. Khabib

                 Months in the making

Article written by Dylan Devine. (8/24)

cmkn The biggest clash in UFC history is finally official. This fight has been talked about since April 1st, 2018 when Khabib tweeted “Where are you now? @TheNotoriousMMA” Three days later a video surfaced of McGregor’s close friend and teammate Artem Lobov having a heated exchange of words in a hotel with Khabib. A few days later McGregor showed up with Lobov and a group of friends at Barclays Center for the UFC 223 media day and caused one of the most disgusting incidents in UFC history. McGregor threw a hand truck at a bus full of fighters which shattered a window that injured Michael Chiesa and Ray Borg from pieces of the broken glass. There was a warrant out for his arrest and he turned himself in later that night. On July 28th in an interview with Fox 30 in Calgary, Khabib was asked about fighting McGregor and said “I want to change his face.” Six days later at a UFC seasonal press conference in Los Angeles it was finally made official that Khabib vs McGregor would be happening at UFC 229. This fight is projected to have 2 million buys and has been dubbed the ‘biggest fight in UFC history.’ Fighting the undefeated Russian Eagle will arguably be Conor’s biggest challenge yet. He is a vicious fighter that has a bunch of great grappling tricks and fantastic stamina. McGregor has really improved his punching accuracy which will be a big help to him as Khabib is highly hittable at the entries McGregor makes. Khabib excels in defending takedowns and working out of clinch range but McGregor showed in his last fight that he is better than ever at those techniques. McGregor has the best mental game in UFC history and he knows that preparing his mentality and analyzing the problems that Khabib could give him in this fight is going to be crucial. We haven’t yet heard what Mystic Mac thinks the outcome of this will be, but I am predicting a third round knockout by McGregor after Khabib misses a low takedown. 

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