McGregor vs. Poirier 2 Predictions


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Article written by Dylan Devine (1/17/21)

The king is back! It’s been almost exactly a year since Conor McGregor’s last UFC fight. In his last fight he knocked out UFC legend “Cowboy” Donald Cerrone in 40 seconds. McGregor is now six days out from returning to the octagon where he will be facing Dustin Poirier in a very intriguing rematch.

The last time Poirier and McGregor met was in 2014 where McGregor TKO’D Poirier in less then two minutes. A LOT has changed since then. Both fighters have won championship gold since they last faced each other and have moved their way up in the rankings over the years. Poirier is currently the number two ranked lightweight fighter in the world while McGregor sits in at number four. Poirier has really proved himself as a great fighter since his last meeting with McGregor. His record since that fight in 2014 is 10-2-1 with one of those two losses being to Khabib. Poirier is a much improved fighter since the last time him and McGregor met. He is a fantastic stand-up fighter with great hands, kicks, and solid ground game as well. But will his improved fighting be enough to take down McGregor?

McGregor is one of the most lethal strikers and hard hitters in UFC history. Poirier typically takes a lot of shots in his fights, and it usually takes McGregor one or two good shots to take over the fight. If we get the same version of Mystic Mac that we got in the Cerrone fight, I don’t see this fight going past the first round. McGregor is back and he’s ready to re-take his throne and nothing is going to stand in his way of retaking that throne. He looks motivated, confident, and looks like he’s in fantastic shape for just his third 155-pound fight. I don’t see a chance that this fight will go the distance. Someone’s going to get knocked out, and that’s going to be Poirier in the second round. No matter the outcome, this is going to be a fantastic fight. Two of the best and highest ranked fighters in the world at their prime. You can’t ask for a better fight.

OFFICIAL PREDICTION : Conor McGregor via TKO (Second round)

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