MLB Post all star break predictions


AL East: (Red Sox) (Yankees) (Rays) (Blue Jays) (Orioles)images-3

Boston: They have an end of the season collapse and come in second in the AL East.
New York: Judge and Stanton finish with over 45 homers each. Stanton goes on a tear and NY wins the AL East.
Tampa Bay : Blake Snell finishes with the best ERA in the AL.
Toronto: Do not find a trade partner for Josh Donaldson.
Baltimore: Finishes with the worst record in baseball.
~ Jordan

AL Central:  (Indians) (Twins) (Royals) (White Sox) (Tigers)Unknown

Cleveland: Brand Hand doesn’t live up to par with an an ERA over 3.
Minnesota: Does not make the playoffs.
Kansas City: Trades Mike Moustakas to Red Sox.
Chicago: Yoan Moncada finds his stride and is hitting over .280
Detroit: Michael Fulmer reminds everybody of his all star skill set with a much improved second half.
~ Jordan

AL West: (Astros) (Angles) (Mariners) (Rangers) (Athletics)images-1

Houston: The reigning champs continue their dominance with the best record in baseball.
Los Angeles: Mike Trout finishes batting over .330 with 35+ home runs.
Seattle: Dee Gordon leads the majors in stolen bases.
Texas: Joey Gallo hits under .220.
Oakland: Jeurys Familia has a good second half, having his ERA under 2.5
NL East- (Nationals) (Marlins) (Braves) (Mets) (Phillies)


Washington: Continues to struggle, as does Bryce Harper.
Miami: Finishes in 3rd place.
Atlanta:  Ozzie Albies wins ROY and the Braves clinch the division.
New York:  Does not trade DeGrom, can’t get any run support, and finish in last.
Philadelphia: Makes the playoffs by trading for an all star caliber player.
~ Jordan
NL Central- (Cubs) (Brewers) (Cardinals) (Pirates) (Reds)images.png

Chicago: Does not win the division. Darvish continues to struggle.
Milwaukee: Trades for an all star and wins the division.
St. Louis: With the firing of Mike Matheny, they get red hot and make a playoff push but don’t get in.
Pittsburgh: Finishes with 5+ more losses than wins.
Cincinnati: Scooter Gennett hits over 30+ home runs.
~ Jordan
NL West- (Dodgers) (Diamondbacks) (Rockies) (Padres) (Giants)images-4

Los Angeles: Finish with the best record in the NL with the addition of Manny Machado.
Arizona: Make the playoffs without trading for anybody big.
Colorado: Their big bullpen does not pan out they way it hoped not having a pitcher with a ERA under 2.5
San Diego: Francisco Mejia is a star hitting over .300 and 10+ home runs.
San Fransisco: Collapses with a terrible second half.
~ Jordan

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