NBA 2K21 Review


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Article written by Dylan Devine (9/8/20)

Every year that 2K releases it’s annual NBA game, one of the biggest things that occur when the game drops are the reviews from critics and fans alike. Now I am no professional video game critic at all as I am just an 18 year old who only play’s sports video games, but I have been playing NBA 2K since 2009 so I know a thing or two about this specific video game series. This years edition of NBA 2K has been controversial. There has been some positive feedback but also a lot of negative feedback. My honest thoughts are it is a decent game, but is really just a copy and pasted version of NBA 2K20 with a few upgrades and a new shot meter. The MyCareer story was interesting and fun to play as this year you play some high school games, then you pick a college to play at and basically play until you’re ready to declare for the draft. I personally just played as long as it took for me to get into the solid first round pick option, and I ended up being the sixth pick. There are really no differences in the MyCareer mode this year that I have noticed so far. The Neighborhood is something fans and players always look forward to the most and in my opinion this year they didn’t disapoint. The Neighborhood area has great vibes to it and the new look is pretty impressive. It is just an all around good time. Like previous NBA 2K games, MyPark/MyCareer is really a grind. To get a good player and upgrade your created player you likely will have to spend some money on VC if you don’t want to sit around forever at a 80 overall or below for weeks or even months. MyLeague is the least popular mode in NBA 2K so the developers don’t seem to focus much on that when creating the game as it really hasn’t changed over the past few games. Next we have MyTeam. This mode is the second most popular mode behind MyCareer. This year it is very similar to NBA 2K20, there are just some more options for things to do and a bigger menu. My final verdict of NBA 2K21 is that it is a decent game, but definitely could have been better. I feel like the developers honestly focused more on the next-gen release of the game then the current gen which is why the game is not much of a change from 2K20. I will still be playing this game religiously by myself and with my friends and will be on that MyCareer/MyPark grind for quite some time I’m sure.

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