NFL Fantasy Edition: Sleep or Sleeper

Article written by Jordan Dorfman.

Position: QB:

Sleep- Deshaun Watson. I know it is a little crazy but he in my opinion is not the 2nd best fantasy QB as ESPN has him ranked. There are at 10 other options  I rather have start. Here they are. Mahomes, Brees, Luck, Wentz, Ryan, Mayfield, Rodgers, Rothelisberger, Goff, and Newton. He is a great player don’t get me wrong but is not elite especially behind that O line with no Lamar Miller. Falling from 2-12 is a steep drop and should be considered when drafting.

Sleep- Russell Wilson. From a fantasy aspect Wilson is not a top 6 QB as Yahoo sports has him ranked. Seattle has a depleted offense and will rely heavy on the run game not via Wilson but Carson/Penny. Russ just got paid so his running points ppg will decrease leaving him as a sole passer with weak targets.

Sleeper- Sam Darnold. He finished off the last 3 weeks of the 2018 season with the highest graded QBR in the entire league. Add LeVeon Bell and some wideouts, you have a major steal.

Sleeper-  Josh Allen. People don’t realize this guy gets a ton of hidden rushing yards. He averaged 26 PPG over the last 6 games of last year. That is big time.

Position: RB:

Sleep-  Any Eagles/49ers/WashingtonRB + Tarik Cohen. There are way too many mouths to feed in the Philly, San Fran, and DC backfield. Avoid taking them at all costs especially for a #2 RB. You need starters not rotational guys. Also, Tarik Cohen may be a fluke, if you look closely he had some absent games, you can’t have absent players in your lineup, he is not consistent.

Sleep- Dalvin Cook. Look, Cook is injury prone and you need dependability if you are going to win a fantasy league. For a guy who didn’t have one 20+ carry game last year is concerning especially with the passing focus on the Vikings offense. He will have some big games don’t get me wrong but they will be sporadic and that is not a word associated with a early round 2 pick.

Sleeper- Leonard Fournette. Don’t forget about this guy, he had a bad year with injuries but when healthy….

Sleeper- Austin Ekeler/ Tony Pollard Melvin Gordon may hold out deep into the season skyrocketing Ekeler’s value to a top tier RB1. Tony Pollard can ball, if there is no Zeke, he is a top tier RB1 caliber player.

 Position: WR:

Sleep- Corey Davis.  The Titans look really dysfunctional and  Davis has had production problems in the past, that doesn’t add up to breakout, seems to me like I’d rather sit out.

Sleep- T.Y. Hilton. No Andrew Luck, no TY bombs. His value drops dramatically.

Sleep- Kenny Golladay. I am not convinced he can be a reliable starting fantasy receiver. He has flashes but I think you won’t see a lot of dependability here, especially with his ranking being so high in most mocks.

Sleeper- Will Fuller V. When Watson and him are both healthy on the field this guy shreds up the D and is a TD machine.

Sleeper-  James Washington. I think a typical showing for him can be 4 receptions 69 yards, and a TD, which is what he has been doing almost all preseason. If he keeps it up and can be the #2 pass catcher in Pitt, he can be a gem in the later rounds.

Position: TE:

Sleep- David Njoku. Again, Production is key. I think the Baker to OBJ connection will hinder the targets to Njoku, as well as the addition of Kareem Hunt post week 8.

Sleep- Vance McDonald. I don’t see him as a top 10 fantasy TE. Yes AB left but I think that means more of an increased role for James Washington than him. McDonald only had  one game last year with 5 or more receptions. He is a TD boom or bust and that is not top 10 worthy.

Sleeper- Greg Olsen. As long as him and Cam are on the field this guy is a top 7 TE. Not 15+ where he is landing on post rankings.

Sleeper-  TJ Hockenson. Hot take- he will have a more productive year than Kenny Golladay.

*Special Edition Sleeper*- Darren Waller. If you have seen HardKnocks you know why. This Waller guy can flat out merk defenders in coach Gruden’s system. It would not surprise me if his numbers and Jared Cook’s from last year are almost the same, if not better. Keep in mind Cook was a Pro Bowler and a current projected top 10 fantasy TE on most boards.

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