NFL FF 2018 Sleepers/Busts

NFL FF 2018 Sleepers/Busts




QB- Andrew Luck. When healthy he could be top 3. He has a bad taste in people’s mouths and will likely be in the 10-13 QB range off the board.

QB- Matt Ryan. This guy won MVP two years ago not 10. With the addition of Calvin Ridley, Matty Ice could be in for a big time year.

QB- Baker Mayfield. Yes he is not starting but I believe he will. I wouldn’t draft him because he is a backup for now, but the second he moves up you need to get him. I am talking about 330 yard and 4TD type games.

Running Backs

RB- Ronald Jones II. No Jameis weeks 1-3. Run heavy offense and a chance for this kid to go off and produce big time not only then, but for the whole year.

RB- Chris Thompson. Before his injury last year this guy was a monster. With Derrius Guice out for the year, Thompson could be racking up some serious points.

RB- Derrick Henry. Henry has a chance to be a top 5 RB in the league. He is unstoppable in the open field and with DeMarco Murray gone, you may see double digit touchdown numbers for him.

Wide Receivers

WR- Kelvin Benjamin. He is a #1 wide out and with a first time starter in Buffalo, he will likely be the go to guy and have a very nice year.

WR- Demaryius Thomas. I feel like people have forgotten this guy is a pro bowl caliber player and he will make it clear again this year.

WR- Robby Anderson. I think you can expect very similar stats to last year. 900-1000 yeards with 7-9 TD. Why he isn’t ranked higher I am not sure but he will be next year.

Tight End

TE- Tyler Eifert. He was a pro bowler before he got hurt. I am expecting a bounce back season.

TE- David Njoku. He’s got a connection with Baker. I think he may be the big red zone threat for Cleveland.

TE- Mike Gesicki. With limited play makers on offense for Miami, he could step up and be a reliable target.


Oakland Raiders v Kansas City Chief


QB-  Russell Wilson. I think the Seahawks may be one of the worst teams in the league. They have a huge talent gap of both sides of the ball and I am seeing a very down year for Mr. Wilson.

QB-  Jimmy Garopollo. Everybody needs to chill out here. I am not convinced this guy is the star everyone is seeing, at least fantasy wise. Give it more time, last year may have been a fluke.

QB- Jared Goff. He won’t have a terrible year, he is just not a reliable starting fantasy QB and should not be picked as high as projected.

Running Backs

RB- Kareem Hunt. Big time bust. He shut down last year for multiple weeks and that is a very big red flag for a top 10 projected pick.

RB- Jay Ajayi. He won’t have a bad year but it won’t be close to what he did in Miami. Stay away from the big name. It is a pass heavy offense in Philly.

RB- Mark Ingram. Won’t be a pro bowler again. It is the Kamara show.

Wide Receivers

WR- Larry Fitzgerald. I personally wouldn’t draft him especially since he is probably going in the early 2nd round. That is way too high with David Johnson back.

WR- Davante Adams. I think Jimmy Graham is the go to guy in Green Bay and will take alot of Adams’ TDs.

WR- Tyreek Hill. All of these players are good players, I simply just don’t trust them as my #1. Hill can have 5 receptions for 30 yards one game and 5 receptions for 132 the next. I would stay away from that. Consistency is key in fantasy.

Tight Ends

TE- Evan Engram. Way too many mouths to feed on the field for the Giants this year. He won’t have top 5 production as expected.

TE- Charles Clay. Don’t draft him. You don’t need a mediocre TE on your fantasy team.

TE- George Kittle. Who is this guy and why does he deserve to be projected as the #11th best TE on fantasy pros.



Article written by Jordan Dorfman.

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