NFL Week 13 Predictions

Predictions by Jordan Dorfman (12/5/21)

Justin Herbert or Joe Burrow in 2021 and Beyond

Giants vs Dolphins

Analysis: Dolphins have won four in a row, the Giants have no Daniel Jones. I like Miami. Dolphins win 23-14.

Colts vs Texans

Analysis: Colts are one of the NFLs best teams recently, there is no way they lose to the depleted Texans. Two different levels. Colts cruise 29-10.

Vikings vs Lions

Analysis: The Lions may go 0-17. Not gonna lie, I am kind of concerned. They need to draft Kenny Pickett #1. Until then, they will continue loosing. Minnesota 31-13.

Eagles vs Jets

Analysis: I will be at Gators dockside with Tomsportsplays watching this game today. The Jets have looked a-lot better the last couple weeks, so have the Eagles. But I remember distinctly, NFC Playoffs a couple years ago Rob Saleh vs Kevin Stefanski, Saleh embarssed Kevin. I view Stefanski and Sirianni as similar coaches. Jets win baby. Jets win 20-17.

Cardinals vs Bears

Analysis: Dhop and Kyler coming back? GG. Cardinals win 27-17

Buccaneers vs Falcons

Analysis: I really don’t know what the Falcons are doing. Kyle Pitts should be getting 20+ targets a game. This team is under ratedly one of the worst in the NFL. The Falcons suck. They suck. Buccaneers 35-17.

WFT vs Raiders

Analysis: Kind of a mid game right here, typical tough football. I am not a big fan of the Raiders at all and WFT has hung in there with big dawgs all year. Teams are trending two different ways. I got Washington 19-16

Chargers vs Bengals

Analysis: Battle of two young bright NFL star QBs. I predicted the Chargers to sell on me last week, this is a really bad matchup for a bounce back. I think this will be a really good game but Burrow may edge him out. I like Herbert more fyi long term. However, Bengals win 31-28

Ravens vs Steelers

Analysis: Steelers are getting exposed man. They cant move the ball downfield easily and don’t score at all. With their defense not being up to standard either to carry them, it’s not a good combination. Mike T will have the boys competitive after an embarrassing week but just not enough. Ravens win 23-16

Cheifs vs Broncos

Analysis: I think the Chiefs go out and have a really good game but J Williams on Denver is a problem. May have problems containing him. However, I am very confident in Kansas City this week. 99 percent sure they win. Chiefs win 30-21

49ers vs Seahawks

Analysis: Tough call right here, I am expecting a couple lead changes but the 49ers may edge this one out. For some reason every game you think this is the game for the Seahawks and then they loose. No deebo but Kittle steps up.  San fran wins 28-22

Steelers vs Bengals

Analysis: Pittsburgh put up a hell of a fight last week. You would think the Bengals have the edge based off how well they played at start of year. Might have been too flashy. This might be the year they may be ready or it might not. We will find out. However, we know Mike T has these boys ready to play. They will have to prove it until otherwise. Steelers win 25-20.

Bills vs Patriots

Analysis: Alright yea the patriots have looked excellent recently but I am not sold they are the top dog. Buffalo will go out and win and prove they run the AFC East now.  Bills win 25-20.

Teams on buy week

Panthers, Browns, Packers, Titans

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