NFL Week 11 Predictions

Predictions by Jordan Dorfman (11/18/21)

NFL Odds: Patriots vs. Falcons Week 11 odds, prediction, pick and more

Patriots vs Falcons

Analysis: The Patriots have been hot. Their run game has been OP recently and I expect them to keep playing well. The Falcons are pretty inconsistent and I just think they do not have enough talent with Cordarrelle Paterson and Calvin Ridley absent to generate an upset vs the Pats. Patriots win 23-14.

Saints vs Eagles

Analysis: The Eagles are a team that just figured out what HB dive means. They have been spamming the controller ever since ands it has been working. I actually think they pull off an upset here and beat a Trevor Siemian lead Saints team. Eagles win 25-18.

Dolphins vs Jets

Analysis: Idk man Joe Flacco. Like idk. The Dolphins just beat the Ravens but hear me out the Jets beat Bengals and the Bengals beat the Ravens so hypothetically the Jets should win. This isn’t math class. I know. Dolphins win 28-21.

WFT vs Panthers

Analysis: These are two similar scrappy teams coming off big upset wins. However, the team that has been more steady throughout the year has been the Panthers. Im taking Carolina 24-21.

Colts vs Bills

Analysis: Jonathan Taylor has been off the chain recently but even with that the Colts find them selves in close games. I kinda want to pick them as an upset but the Bills have lost too many games recently to loose again. I am taking Buffalo to win 27-17

Lions vs Browns

Analysis: The Browns defense is way better than the Lions offense. Nick Chubb should be back so even with Baker beat up he should do enough to lead a W. Browns win 20-9.

49ers vs Jaguars

Analysis: The 49ers looked great last week running the ball over 40 times vs LA. They tore up one of the best teams in the NFL and are very disciplined. I do not see them loosing focus this week vs a sub par team. 49ers win 29-16

Texans vs Titans

Analysis: Yeah this is a pretty mid game. The Titans keep finding ways to win and should again this week. They are not great but the Texans should put up a decent fight with no Julio and D Henry. Titans win 24-18

Packers vs Vikings

Analysis: Upset alert. The Vikings keep blowing late leads but I think they pull this one off. Dalvin cook may have like 300 yards. I just have good feeling about this one for Minnesota. Packers record kinda inflated. Just gotta go with your gut. Vikings win 31-26

Ravens vs Bears

Analysis: The Ravens are coming off a short week L vs the Dolphins. They got some time to reset and should be prepared for a bounce back W. The Bears are improving, the start of the year this score prediction would be a lot different. Ravens win 33-24

Bengals vs Raiders

Analysis: Tough call right here, I am expecting a couple lead changes but the Bengals have a lot more talent and should edge this one out. The Raiders losses are starting to show. It is hard to keep afloat when you loose two former first round picks and your head coach in a season. Bengals win 28-22

Cardinals vs Seahawks

Analysis: Both teams are coming off losses. The Cardinals got embarrassed last week by Carolina and the Seahawks got shutout. I cant imagine the Hawks going to 3-7 on the year. There is no way right. They need this win desperately and with Cris Carson coming back I think they get it. Seahawks win 25-20.

Cowboys vs Chiefs

Analysis: Alright yea if you like offense here you go. It’s honestly a pick em. I like Mahomes to keep scoring after that 5TD performance vs Las Vegas. I think the Chiefs are dangerous again. Chiefs win 35-31

Steelers vs Chargers

Analysis: This will definitely not be as high scoring as the Chiefs game, especially not with the Steelers playing. They do not allow a-lot of points but they do not score a lot either. Brandon Staley is a psychopath. I love it he will go for it on 4th and 19 and probably convert. The Steelers cannot keep up with the aggressiveness of the Chargers. LA wins 19-16.

Giants vs Buccaneers

Analysis: Yea I mean I just don’t see the Bucs loosing two games back to back to the NFC least. The Giants are competitive and it won’t be cake walk but Brady and crew will play better on primetime. Buccaneers win 31-17.

Teams on Buy Week

Analysis: Denver Broncos, Los Angeles Rams

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