November 12th Locks of the Day

By Tom Adoni, IG @TomSportsPlays

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Oklahoma City Thunder +4.5 Spread against the Sacramento Kings.

Reasoning: The Oklahoma City Thunder have picked up on their early season struggles to go on to win their last 3 games. Those wins came against the Lakers, Spurs, and Pelicans. Impressive wins except for the Pelicans who have looked like the worst team in the NBA so far. On the opposite side of the Thunder, we have the Kings who have lost their last 3 matches. Those losses were against the Pacers, Suns, and Spurs. Those are tough teams for sure, however, I like the team that won their last 3 against the team that lost their last 3. Momentum will play a factor.

Checking in on the Rookies | Oklahoma City Thunder

Los Angeles Lakers -3.5 Spread against the Minnesota Timberwolves

Reasoning: The Los Angeles Lakers have looked impressive after figuring out early chemistry issues with all those egos intertwining in the locker rooms. They have won 5 of their last 7 games. With the two last wins coming without Lebron James in the lineup. They seem to find ways to win games through Anthony Davis balancing out Russell Westbrook’s inefficiency problem. Melo and Monk shooting the ball well doesn’t hurt either. On the opposite side of the Lakers, we have the Timberwolves that have lost their last 6 games. 6 loses in a row must be demoralizing. However, I think the Lakers show no mercy and give them lucky number 7.

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Milwaukee Bucks -2 Spread against the Boston Celtics (sorry Dylan)

Reasoning: The Milwaukee Bucks have won their last two games. However, these weren’t just two ordinary wins. They were against the 8-5, 76ers and the 7-5 Knicks, two of the strongest teams in the East. Giannis is truly a force to be reckoned with. Not to mention that on the opposite side of the Bucks is a Boston Celtics team that suffered a major blow by losing their star guard, Jaylen Brown, who sat out for the majority of last season as well due to Knee injuries. I see it as a difficult matchup for the Celtics without one of their key players.

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