OBJ to New England ?

Giants co-owner John Mara made some controversial comments at the NFL owners meetings on March 25th. When asked about Odell Beckham Jr, Mara stated “We’re certainly not shopping him” and “When your coming off a season when you’re 3-13 and played as poorly as we played, I certainly wouldn’t say anyone is untouchable.” Along with OBJ wanting at least $20M per season and the Giants possibly not willing to fulfill his expectations, possible OBJ trades are one of the most talked about topics right now. The teams that were rumored to be contenders for a possible trade were the Browns, Rams and Patriots. The Browns are said to have abandoned any idea of a possible trade, and now with the Patriots trading wide receiver Brandin Cooks and a fourth round pick to the Rams in exchange for a first and sixth round pick the Rams have dropped out of any trade talks for OBJ. With what the Patriots just traded to the Rams, it is said to be a very high possibility that they make a blockbuster trade to the Giants for OBJ. New England now has double picks in both the first and second round along with their other third through seventh rounder’s. The Giants are in desperate need for a complete rebuild of their roster. Acquiring draft picks from the Patriots could really help them get some new and young talent on their team. What is believed that the Patriots will offer for OBJ is both of their first round picks, one of their second round picks, and a sixth rounder. I don’t believe New England would just give up their second best receiver and a fourth round pick for nothing. It is now clear the Patriots have the ammo to give the Giants what they want, it should be interesting to see if they pull the trigger.
Current Patriots draft picks
First round – Pick 23
First round – Pick 31
Second round – Pick 11
Second round – Pick 31
Third round – Pick 31
Sixth round – Pick 36
Seventh round – Pick 1

Current Giants draft picks
First round – Pick 2
Second round – Pick 2
Third round – Pick 2
Fourth round – Pick 2
Fourth Round – Pick 35
Fourth round – Pick 36
Fifth round – Pick 2
Sixth round – Pick 2

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