Robert Williams Gets Paid

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Article written by Dylan McGuire Devine (8/22/21)

Boston Celtics big man, Robert Williams got PAID on Friday. Williams agreed to a four year, $54 million dollar contract with the Celtics which locks him in with Boston through at least 2024. This is well deserved. Since Williams got drafted in 2018 I have talked about how much potential he has. He has improved every season since he arrived in Boston and his playing time has continuously gone up every season.

Last season he averaged 18.4 MPG while averaging 1.8 BPG, 6.9 RPG, and 8 PPG. His minutes per game improved after the Celtics traded away C Daniel Theis. Immediately Williams made an impact on both sides of the court with his athleticism, playmaking and shot blocking ability, and hustle. His numbers were all career high for a guy who only started 13 games last season.

The one tricky thing with Williams is that he has struggled to stay healthy. He has missed plenty of games over the past three seasons due to various injuries. If he can stay healthy and consistent on the court he has the potential to be a big problem on both offense and defense for the Celtics.

Williams should be the clear starter in Boston going into this season with Kanter, Horford, and Kornet coming off the bench. With the contract extension Boston gave him, it is obvious they are confident in him being a big piece of this Celtics team. I truly believe Williams, Brown, and Tatum are the future of this team.

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