Royal Rumble 2021 Predictions


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Predictions by Dylan Devine and Nick Papa

Men’s Royal Rumble match

Always the hardest match to predict. This year it honestly could be anyone. I’m going to make three top picks for who I think will win. Brock Lesnar is my number one option. Edge is my number two. The Rock is my number three. – Dylan

This being the hardest match to predict I’m going to give three choices. Keith Lee, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Daniel Bryan. Bryan seems most likely to me at this time but he doesn’t need it to go into a feud with Reigns. Nakamura seems to be getting a push but if he wins the rumble he absolutely needs to dethrone Reigns at WrestleMania which I don’t see happening. So Keith lee should win the rumble as it’s an opportunity to build a new star!- Nick

Women’s Royal Rumble match

This match could honestly be anyone as well. I’m going to go with Bianca Belair. – Dylan

Bianca Belair is going to win this match. No one else has been built up to win aside from Alexa Bliss who doesn’t need a rumble win. I’m going with Bianca. – Nick

Universal Championship match (Last Man Standing) : Roman Reigns (C) vs. Kevin Owens

I am a big Kevin Owens fan and have been since his days as Kevin Steen on the indies. I really hope Owens gets a title reign in the near future, but it’s just not his time yet. Reigns is the hottest thing going in WWE currently and he’s not dropping the title anytime soon. Reigns retains. – Dylan

I think we should all realize by now that Roman isn’t losing the title before WrestleMania. However that shouldn’t stop fans from enjoying what should be a great match with Reigns coming out on top. Roman Reigns retains. – Nick

WWE Championship match : Drew McIntyre (C) vs. Goldberg

I agree with Nick. This match should not be happening. Having Goldberg return out of nowhere and just be rewarded a WWE title shot after doing absolutely nothing is ridiculous. I honestly see McIntyre being champion up until mania. No chance Goldberg wins this one. McIntyre retains. – Dylan

This match should not be happening. It’s that simple. I’m not opposed to Goldberg wrestling but I am opposed to him wrestling for the WWE Championship especially since he didn’t earn it. I really hope and believe that McIntyre will go over. Goldberg winning does nothing for anyone. Goldberg’s role in the company should be putting over younger talent on the verge of stardom. Nothing more. Drew McIntyre retains. – Nick

Women’s Tag Team Championship Match : Asuka and Charlotte Flair (C) vs. Nia Jax and Shayna Bazler

Time to take the titles off of Asuka and Charlotte to have them split up. Nia Jax and Shayna Bazler win the Women’s Tag Team Championships. – Dylan

The women’s tag division is dead. They were starting to build some momentum this year but Charlotte and Asuka’s reign has reversed that work. Unfortunately they will likely retain at the rumble. Asuka and Charlotte Win. – Nick

SmackDown Women’s Championship Match : Sasha Banks (C) vs. Carmella

Sasha Banks is the best thing going in the women’s division right now. I don’t see them taking the title off of her until maybe WrestleMania. Sasha Banks retains. – Dylan

Give me Sasha vs. Bianca at WrestleMania! Sasha Banks retains. – Nick

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