Second Round Eastern Conference Predictions


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Predictions by Dylan Devine (8/28/20)

Boston Celtics (3) vs. Toronto Raptors (2)

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The Celtics dominated in the first round ultimately sweeping the 76ers in four games. Tatum and Brown played fantastic. They lost Gordon Hayward to an ankle injury, but Marcus Smart came in for him and has really done a great job at filling the void of Hayward being out. Toronto is a great team and has a great group of guys. In game four against the Nets, the Raptor’s bench went off and scored a playoff record 100 points. That is insane. They definitely have a better bench then Boston, but the Celtics have the better starting five. Expect to see Tatum and Brown play well again this series and really prove themselves as stars. This is a tough matchup for Boston, but I think they’ll come out on top. Celtics in seven. – Dylan

Milwaukee Bucks (1) vs. Miami Heat (4)

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This is going to be a very fun matchup. Arguably the best team in the East in the Bucks, and one of the most underrated teams in the East in the Miami Heat. It’s really tough to decide who is going to come out on top in this matchup because both teams are great on both sides of the ball and have great starting and bench players. Bam against Giannis is definitely going to be a good matchup. I really am considering taking the Heat in this series to be honest, but I’m going to go with Milwaukee. Bucks defeat the Heat in six games. – Dylan

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